London Marathon Rehearsal (Lite)

Posted on: 18 Aug 2021



294824Hey Runsters!

A rare midweek update during my break away in London (we’re staying in the U.K. because Covid has f*cked up our overseas travel plans, but I digress).

I have done nothing but eat and drink since Saturday’s long run….however, having a pang of guilt at lunchtime, I left a restaurant during desert, shunned the option of a car with family and walked the 4 miles to Harrod’s. It being London traffic and all, I beat the car to our destination and walked the four miles in about an hour….not much slower than my running pace 😂

As luck would have it, my route took me along some of the London Marathon route; along The Embankment, The Mall and past Queen Liz’s crib. Sights I’ll be seeing in a mere 6 weeks through much more tired eyes.

If you’d like to play a part in this madness, you can sponsor me here:

Keep on er, walking!


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