Hospital Exercise - 53

Posted on: 25 Aug 2021


Good day all. Good visit to hospital yesterday. No signs left on my arms or hands, or anywhere else concerning the last bout of rash and sunburn. Bloods all ok considering all the different medication pills i am on. I hav'nt actually counted the number of pills i am on daily for a while - just been aware that it was still a lot. I'm actually on 28 pills a day at the moment but it will reduce to 27 tomorrow as i have been advised to drop down a further 5 mg on the steroids for the chronic graft versus host disease.  Haemoglobin 13.0, White cells 4.0, Neutrophils 3.7, Platelets 61. The doctor advised i should not have to turn up at the hospital for 3 weeks so that is good news. 

Getting on well with the running this month - distance so far 130.16 miles, or 209 km. Still a week to go until the end of the month. Great weather for running just now provided you keep up salt intake and drink a stack of water. 

Thanks very much for the blog comments - hope everyone is ok and will be injury free soon. Great that the U.K. has had such a good day at the Tokyo Paralympics. Brilliant people, all of them. I had no idea about these athletes until going to see them at London 2012.

Have a great week everyone - all the best. Ferg

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