Posted on: 19 Sep 2021

Hey Runsters! 

When we last saw our intrepid runster he had been struggling to get back on the horse after holidays and new working commitments had driven a stake through the heart of his marathon training schedule.

Yesterday though, with just two weeks to go until the London Marathon 2021 it was time to get back on said horse for a final long ‘ride’ out. (Fashionably) a week late to the long run party, a 22 mile jaunt had been planned but after a discussion with someone far more knowledgeable than I (thank you Bernie) I decided to dial it down to an 18 - 20 miler and agreed to pull up at any sign of trouble.

Once again selecting the Leeds-Liverpool canal tow path for its flatness, my friend and I set off in the unwelcome warmth of the autumn sun. The plan was simple; run 10 miles out, turn and run the 10 miles back. The fact that the ten mile marker coincided with a pub full of people drinking outside in the sunshine meant that gargantuan levels of self control were required not to stop & join them!

A pleasant run (at least on the surface) but the pressure and unseasonal heat saw me run out of water, energy and mental strength at 17 miles. Discretion being the better part of valour, I decided not to try and push further and called for emergency assistance (wife with a car and a boot full of water).

I had hoped this post to have a more triumphant feel but it is what it is and we are where we are. That said, 17 miles is a distance not to be sniffed at and only in marathon training does one get disappointed about such an achievement.

If you’ve resisted the temptation to stop reading (and haven’t fallen asleep) I thank you for joining me on the journey so far. Now the taper begins ahead of the big day in just 2 WEEKS! EEK!

Musical highlights keeping this tubster rolling along across the miles yesterday were:

Whisky in the Jar - The Pogues

TJ Hooker Tv Theme Tune - Mark Snow (yes really).

If you’d like to play a part in this madness, you can sponsor me here:

Keep on running!



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