The End Of The Road

Posted on: 26 Sep 2021


Almost two years ago, in October 2019 I agreed to run another (final?) London Marathon to support a friend. 

Today, pint in hand (a fruity IPA since you ask), I marked the end of this long, sweaty training journey with an unseasonably warm 8.5 mile run.

It’s hard to believe that this time next week I’ll be sat in my hotel with (or perhaps without) a seventh London Marathon medal either celebrating or commiserating. 

One thing is for sure; I’ve given it my best shot. I’m not super human, I haven’t always given the challenge the 110% that it deserves….I’ve just done my best with the cards I’ve been dealt. That may or may not translate to another medal next week but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved nonetheless. 

I now need your support to help my charity (MDUK) to reach their goal in one of their toughest ever times. If you can spare anything from 50p upwards to support my cause, it’ll make all of my efforts worthwhile and help to make the lives of those that can’t run just that little bit easier.

Keep smiling and keep on running!


Tubbyrunster (Insta & Faceache)

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