Hospital Exercise - 58

Posted on: 11 Jan 2022

Happy New Year all.

Hope this year is a good one for everybody and that we can get the right side of this Covid business. 

Visit to hospital on the 4th January 2022 showed no more information than expected from the bone marrow biopsy taken late last year. The big plus is that there was no sign of the Leukaemia in the samples taken. 

Immune system bloods have crashed this week for some reason although the others were alright and improved. Haemoglobin 12.8, platelets 107, white cells 0.6, neutrophils 0.4   Before leaving the hospital i got given an immune system booster jab. Obviously to help things along and especially due to the new covid variant now going around. They did not take any samples for Chimera testing this time but they did advise that if the next time that particular blood sample is taken, that if the percentage level of the donors influence in things is still falling then i might have to get more stem cells from the donor to boost my immune system that way. It would be a day visit to hospital if that were to happen though and the whole previous procedure in January 2021 would not have to be gone through again.

Visit to hospital today 11th January 2022. Bloods showed an improvement in my immune system: Haemoglobin 12.0, platelets 87, white cells 2.1, neutrophils 1.0    I did not get any immune system booster jab this time as they want to see if my bloods come up by themselves without any help. Still too soon to do a further Chimera blood test to see what percentage of the donors stem cells are playing in my system - probably get it done again in February 2022. I asked if it was ok yet to give me the childhood type jabs seeing i was now off steroids for a month at least and also on last day of anti-sickness tacrolimus pills. That was a definite no - my system is no where near strong enough to take those sorts of jabs yet apparently. Back in again next week to check bloods again.

Worked out the total mileage for walks and mainly running last year 2021, ( this took some time as i would normally get the distances straight off my mobile. The Sim card in it decided to go to sleep and when i put in a new one the running app did not recall anything since January 2021 but did recall information from 2020. ) Luckily i keep a written copy also but it takes some time to add all the days up for each month and the number of steps etc. The final figure came out as a total run of: 1036.07 miles (1667.39 km), and steps total of: 2,259,183.   I actually managed 4 miles further than 2020 which i had not expected to do given the stemcell transplant process and set backs that have happened. Basically it shows that i pretty much ignored the set backs and got on with the running / walking and exercises. Don't let bad stuff get you down. 

Have a great week all. Ferg


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