Hospital Exercise - 62

Posted on: 06 Apr 2022

Good day all.

Ref to the last blog and getting a 4th Covid jab - this happened on the 13th March - loads of people lined up to get jabs as it was a Sunday.

15th March i got a phone call from the Dermatology Unit at the hospital telling me they had me down for an appointment on the 23rd March. When i asked what was happening this time the secretary advised she thought it was just to check up on the results of the head carcinoma biopsies. Anyway, that turned out to be somewhat frugal with the truth. I turn up at the appointed time on the 23rd March 1400 at the dermatology unit to be told the doctor was going to remove the squamous cell carcinoma right there and then. I have to admit i had a feeling that particular carcinoma was a problem and that they might do something about it, so i was not entirely surprised at this. It was all pretty straight forward, i didn't even have to take off my shirt. Laid down on the trolley they had in the room and then the nurses and doctor went to work getting all the sheets and other things ready, most of which i could not see but you can deduce what is likely to be being carried out with the different noises going on. So to start the doctor drew a circle around where the squamous cell was. I asked how big the thing was and the doctor actually measured it and told me 20 mm x 15 mm but that she would have to remove a further margin to ensure they got all of it. Next thing was 6 local anaesthetic injections all around the cell area. Hardly felt a thing which was good and then i was left a few minutes for the effect to take hold. I had no idea what was happening after that as i could not feel a thing. All i knew was that after 3 to 4 minutes of close contact when the job was obviously starting the doctor declared that the squamous cell had been removed. Pretty quick really as i assumed it was going to be a bit complicated. Then it was apparently time to stop the blood flow. Plenty of it by the sounds of things. The time taken for this was a lot longer than taking the cell out but again was carried out in what i considered to be fairly quick, using the cauterizing, heat suturing thing they do. Next thing i know is there were bandages going on over pads and it felt like they were putting a scrum cap on me. As soon as all that was done i was invited to get up and leave. It was 1430 - half an hour for the whole job, including laying down and getting up. So i left. No problem at all, and drove straight back home, an hour at that time of day. All a bit of an eye opener but at least the worst carcinoma was out. I was told not to get it wet and return on Friday morning as they needed check the wound and show me how to dress the wound. 

On the 25th March at the dermatology unit i just had to sit in a chair while they took off all the initial bandaging. All was good and i got a first look with a mirror at what my head looked like. The diameter of the wound was between one and a half inches and one and a quarter inches. So obviously quite a big margin had been taken away along with the squamous cell. The depth i was told went down to 4 mm and wasn't too far away from the skull bone. It all looked extremely red and awful but apparently that is ok - it is supposed to look like part of a cut strawberry if everything is ok. The process of dressing was generally ok and a mirror definately needed. After cleaning around the wound with cooled boiled water a complete small pack of white vaseline was squeezed onto the wound and spread around slowly with a cotton ear bud. Then a particular type of rubbery dressing was cut to size and then placed over the wound with a few millimetres overlap. That was it. Change every two days and send them a photo on the 11th April of what the wound looks like. No direct water on the wound when showering and no running until further notice - great. Much better to have that thing out though so i will be pleased to stop running until they say otherwise.  So, all has been going well since then - changing the bandage every two days is a bit of a trial with looking in a mirror to do things but it is getting easier.

I sent the dermatology crowd a photo taken early morning on the 4th April while i was out in the afternoon doing a fast walk of 5.5 miles. They said it looked pretty good but said i had to wait at least another 2 weeks before i would be able to run again. Oh well - it was worth a try. Now have to send them a photo again on the 25th April instead of the 11th.

Visit to the Oncology unit on the 5th April showed the bloods still keeping up reasonably good levels. Haemoglobin 12.6, platelets 89, white cells 5.3, neutrophils 4.8, Lymphocytes 0.2 ; so i am still capable of catching anything around before anyone else gets it. As a result still isolating, wearing FP2 masks and shopping once a week at 2200 at night when there is no one else around. All good fun. Lucky to be where i am with all this and still alive so i don't have a problem with any of it.

Back in the hospital to see oncology early May. Not sure when i will get another appointment to see dermatology. 25th April photo may sort that out. Anyway i will keep advising what happens. Stay safe everyone, that damned covid is still out there. All the best. Ferg

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