Hospital Exercise - 64

Posted on: 11 Jun 2022

Good day all. Hope anyone reading this is ok and enjoyed last week ends Platinum Jubillee. Some great things to remember, especially Her Majesty The Queen with Paddington Bear. All good stuff.

Not a lot happening in the first half of May after the last blog. Sent in a photo of my head wound to Dermatology - they advised all looking good and to send in another photo  in early June. Otherwise keep on changing head bandage every 2 days. 

26th May - sudden appearance of a lot of large underskin bleeding areas on both fore arms around 2200. No particular reason for this happening. I did run in the afternoon - 11.17 miles, (17.98 km). That was early to mid afternoon though and nothing was showing afterwards. Nothing after a shower either. Photos sent in to Oncology the next morning but seeing as i was going in early next week they did not want to see me personally. None of the areas on either arm was hurting or itching so i was ok with that.

Visit to Oncology on the 31st May. Immediate look at fore arm underskin bleeding which by now had slowly started to disappear. They had no idea what would cause this and assumed it was some form of weird GVHD that turned up. Seeing as there was no associated problems with it and that it was all starting to disappear they said to leave it alone and let them know if it got worse again. A general skin inspection was carried out to see if there was anything else showing - no signs of any other skin rash or sun burn effects anywhere. Bloods were good and all improved slightly. The good news here from the Doctor was that she was now giving the go ahead for me to start getting all the immunization injections which i would have lost as a result of the stem cell transplant and reduction of my previous immune sysyetm to zero. So i received a copy of the letter that was going to be sent to my GP advising to start the immunization programme. One thing i will not be getting until next January / February ( 2 years after transplant ) would be the MMR jab. I keep forgetting that my new immune system is only 17  months old and as far as that is concerned i am really only a toddler. I wonder if i could get away with behaving like one again. Anyway, next visit to Oncology in 3 weeks time by which time i will have hopefully started to get some of the jabs. 

2nd June i sent another photo of my head wound to Dermatology. They sent a reply saying that i no longer needed to change bandages every 2 days and that i no longer needed a bandage at all. Just to keep the remaining tiny area greased with vaseline to stop it from crusting over. So good news indeed. No longer have to avoid getting my head drenched in the shower etc - that has really been a pain and i have to admit to wearing one of those old ridiculous looking head coverings while in the shower since mid March when the large carcinoma was removed. I do not have another appointment to see Dermatology for another 3 months, or so i was then told. Ridiculously enough i have since received an appointment for July 11th - next month. Anyway, i shall turn up because i am afraid there are other areas on my head which despite all that has gone on so far still require getting a biopsy carried out on them. So, that's about it for now. I shall be contacting my GP shortly as i have not yet received any advice about attending for the start of whatever immunization programme is to be started. Have to keep pushing these things as you could get forgotten about.

Running started again as you will have already seen earlier. Still doing the 200 squats but do it every other day instead of every day now. Got it down to 8.5 minutes now. Other exercises being carried out as previous, 6 minutes of hard graft followed by up to 6 minutes of rest, then go again 3 to 4 times for further 6 minutes periods.

Keep safe everyone - have a great June. All the best. Ferg

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