Hospital Exercise - 65

Posted on: 23 Jul 2022

Hi to anyone still reading this. 

As had happened over the previous month anything of significance regarding the hospital visits has happened in the middle to the end of this month so i apologise if this seems late. There isn't any point in putting  out a blog simply saying something to this effect though as it would give points for not really saying anything.

Last blog was on the 11th June so what has happened since. Next activity was on the 11th July with a visit to Dermatology at the hospital. All over skin check basically - bit of a crude set up from normal as it was conducted in a room with no bed and no curtain to pull round. I did get given a blue coat type thing to put on but seeing as they were going to have to ask me to take it off again to look at all skin areas it wasn't exactly worth putting it on. So i just stood with nothing on but my jocks. All ok apart from the one area that had been scraped back in March high up on the right of my back. That had not healed up properly so i was given a cream to put on twice a day as it was infected. This seems to have done the job so far. After the all over skin job the head Doctor was called in and they concentrated on my head stuff. The main wound where i had a large hole after taking out a large carcinoma has healed up pretty well, but there is a small purple area left which the Doctor advised would disappear in another few weeks. They did see another few areas that neede a nitrogen blast so i got that there and then. 15 seconds of concentrated nitrogen on each area. Two more on the top of my head and one about 2 inches below each eye on the top of my cheeks. After that they had a look through my record and found that they had not removed a carcinoma that had been biopsied back in March. That i was told i would get a letter about and it would probably be in 3 to 4 months time. Luckily it is a lot smaller than the larger one previously removed. There ia another area on my head somewhat forward of the larger healed area which has to be biopsied as well. It is reacting the same way as the previous large carcinoma before removal so i hope they are going to do a job on that as well.

Another visit was arranged for 18th July and there were three visits to different departments on the same afternoon. Prior to that though, i have been waiting for a time to start getting immunisation injections for everything you can name since my original immune system was wiped out during the intensive chemotherapy prior to a stemcell transplant for leukaemia in January 2021. I finally got a call at 0930 this morning asking me to go down to the local surgery to have the first 2 injections so before leaving for the hospital for the afternoon's play time i went and did that at 1000. Due back in for more doses next month. First visit to the hospital was to the Oncology crowd - bloods taken, weight, blood pressure etc. Then i was seen early by the Doctor despite the blood results not being through and told to come back later after the other department visits. Not a lot to discuss during this other than the fact that i have been getting a lot of large blotches of blood showing under my skin on my lower arms. This can be quite alarming as they just appear sometimes for no reason, but generally they appear if i bump into stuff or if i get the need to scratch for whatever reason which is not often. Great big blotches of under skin bleeding appear though and this apparently is normal for someone who has been on steroids for as long as i have. As it happens i had finished my last round of steroid doses the previous Tuesday so i rather hope i do not have to go back on them again. Anyway after this i went off to get an Echo cardiogram taken in the Cardiology place. Pretty straight forward stuff - take your top off and get smeared with jelly muck while having a probe shoved all over your heart area from all sides and electrodes stuck on your skin in several areas. Then went to an area in the hospital called Bone Health. What the proper terminology for that is i don't know but i was going there for a Dexa Scan which i had not had previously at all. As far as i am aware with this the main function is to determine what your bones are like. It can show if, for example, your bones are depleted from all the previous chemotherapy  and drugs i have been on. It can tell if you are someone who has Osteoporosis or any other bone problems. So generally a bone density scan. A much smaller scanner than i expected and hardly took any time at all. Back up to Oncology afterwards where i was informed by the Doctor that all my blood results were good. Some will take longer to come back as they had taken the samples for the Chimera testing again and takes the best part of 3 weeks. All good and the Doctor was able to advise that my bones are in good shape before i left as the result of the Dexa scan had already been sent to him. No immediate result on the Echo cardiogram but they have not contacted me to say anything was found so i assume it was ok. Not due back in the hospital to see Oncology crowd for 2 months now. It appears that slowly they are trying to get rid of me. That is good news really as they obviously see that i don't appear to have anything too serious going on any more. I am due back in next month, not to see them but to have a lung function test. I don't think i'll have a problem with that as i am still running and exercising as previously. Have had a few problems with an achilles tendon on the left lower leg just below the calf muscle but it seems to be sorting itself out with a lot of ice treatment after running and walking any distance. I have had to go fairly slow when running recently though and stopping and walking if there has been any sign of any pain down there. I got round to doing an 11.5 mile walk / run yesterday - the time was awful because it was mainly walking but at least i'm still getting out and doing stuff regardless.

Not sure if there will be enough material to write a decent amount next month seeing as i have the next appointment with Oncology 2 months away. Whenever there is enough i will post again. Until then look after yourselves. Good stuff happening in Oregon, USA at the World Athletic Championships. Looking forward to the Commonwealth Games starting next week. All the best now. Stay safe. Tim Ferg.

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