Ooh, mu bum hurts!

Posted on: 12 Feb 2024

I took a very long weekend, this weekend – I apparently have to use up all my leave at work by the end of April, so I am taking lots of individual days. I am trying to use those days to do lots of exercise, and that is *usually* working. Over the weekend I did no exercise, but I saw a bunch of old friends who i hadn’t seen for years. (Hello, if you are reading my blog!) 9Note, they are ‘old friends’ because I have known them a long time, not because they are old. Well, I suppose some of them are old…).

This morning, Mr Flump was going to work, as normal, and I cadged a lift in, so I went to the university gym, and did fifteen minutes on the bike, and on the slippy-slidey thing, and also 5 minutes on the rotating stair thin. I tried to use the rowing machine, but the only free one wasn’t working properly – it had a weird option screen, and I couldn’t find how to change it to the normal options (I only wanted the time, and the rows-per-minute, but I couldn’t find that).

Then I walked home. I was trying to make it fast, and it was -  took 45 minues when I first did it, in October or November, and it took me only 35 minutes today.

But oooooh, my bum hurts! Still, it is a good hurt – I know that I deserve it, so that is good. 

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