The Tubby Runster - The Road To London 2021

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Andrew Smullen


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The Tubby Runster - The Road To London 2021

Do you like tubby blokes? Do you like tubby, middle aged running blokes? Do you like watching people suffer?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, this could be the blog for you. After an injury at the London Marathon 2015 (and the subsequent struggle to reach the finish) saw me retire from running after 5 marathons, 2019 has seen me sign up to do it all again.

Am I stupid? Will I triumph or will I fail? **** knows, but I'll record the whole car crash here for your delight. Come along for the ride and follow me on Insta (@tubbyrunster) to see how it all pans out.

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I’m Back!

When we last saw our intrepid, tubby hero he’d signed up for the London Marathon 2020 but then, BANG! Covid! 2 postponements of the race led to me walking the virtual race in October 2020 which er, wasn’t quite the same. Well, since then I’ve been main...


Well that's it. My 6th 'London' Marathon is in the bag and the medal is in the post. As I sit here licking my numerous wounds, it is without the recollection of the atmosphere, the sights & sounds and the emotions that a supportive London crowd brin...


Well the hottest day of the year arrived and after a day of parenting, homeschooling & manual labour outside I sensed the impetus to get out for my planned run slipping away. However as I sat in the garden gazing at the sky (looking in vain for a...


Outbreak! Hey runsters! We're living in unprecedented times, including the unprecedented use of the word unprecedented. No surprise then, that the London Marathon comittee has taken the unprecedented step of postponing this year's race until 4th Octob...

Ice Ice Baby!

Hey Runsters! Fresh off the triumph of the Oulton Park 20 miler I must now face the aftermath; yin & yang at its best.   My calf has been playing up anyway and during ...


Boom! Hey Runsters! A big day for me yesterday as my followers on Insta will know (@tubbyrunster). I had a score to settle with my demons, the self same demons that prevented me running my planned 10 miler two weeks ago. The day started badly, waki...

Up and at ‘em!

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s the sun rising and I’ve already been for a run. Having had to dispatch my wife and elder, taller, shoutier daughter to the airport at half past stupid o’clock this morning I thought I’d take advantage of the si...


That's the sound of a milestone being reached! It's about six weeks since I tentatively rekindled my running career, shaky at first, like Bambi on ice. I've known since those tentative first steps on the ladder what I needed to do....although I've dare...