The decidedly teenage diary of a decidedly middle-aged woman

So. Apparently I'm running the London Marathon. I'm already trying to blank bits of that information out so thought it would be wise to keep some kind of record, just in case I ever get caught out like this again. READ MORE

  • Jan2620177:09 p.m.

    Remember Latest

    So. I'm back. From outer space. I just walked in to find you here- you get the idea!! I'd like to say that I've been away for so long because Jamie Roberts real...

  • Nov26201611:06 a.m.


    So. It's become very apparent that marathon training takes up A LOT of time. I can't decide whether I am actually running more than previously, or whether the...

  • Nov0220169:10 p.m.


    So. Apparently I didn't survive the Beacons unscathed after all, from Sunday night to Tuesday I was completely snotty and sweaty (that's probably called snetty...

  • Oct3020164:25 p.m.


    So. I survived Brecon, and so did my students- no one cried, or broke aything, or fell in the canal, or asked for their mum which is a top result. I used to...

  • Oct27201610:08 a.m.


    So. Looking through The Plan it has become apparent that I forgot to take into account/completely blanked out the fact that it gets dark earlier in the winter....

  • Oct2520166:35 p.m.


    So. I am all over this training malarkey- have done two days, no problem so def have broken the back of it I reckon. In fact, I went above and beyond today-...

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