many more miles to who knows where

An invaluable part of my training programme for the London marathon in 2013. When I wrote my first post i didn't know where it would lead me and I'm still not sure but I'm enjoying the ride! Marathons 2009 Loch Ness 3.48.48 2010 Edinburgh 3.37.31 2013 London 3.34.41 2014 York 3.25.25 2014 York PB 3.17.23 2014 Snowdon 3.40.26 2015 Northumberland trail maratho... READ MORE

  • Oct0620165:26 p.m.

    The stronger wind, the stronger trees Latest

    Ive been away far too long. I heard this and it made me think of this place and you strong, wonderful people. Im looking forward to seeing many of you in Snowdo...

  • Jun2320161:33 p.m.

    Cape Wrath

    I’ve been thinking about writing this since the day after the race finished but until now the feelings weren’t well formed enough to put into...

  • May1920163:58 p.m.

    65 hours

    Counting down in hours now! Next time I make a blog post it will be after Cape Wrath, a strange feeling knowing that next time I log in I will be doing so with...

  • May1020165:12 p.m.

    12 days

    Its down to days rather than weeks now. I knew that it would suddenly be upon me like this, for so long its felt so distant and now it feels too near. I still...

  • Apr2720162:25 p.m.


    Its been an exciting time for so many of us this month, for those running spring marathons and for those watching, supporting and following online too. It...

  • Apr0720163:55 p.m.


    Once again the time slips by. The clocks have moved forward, the days lighter and longer, daffodils blooming, birds singing with enthusiam! Im here to wish...

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