Run Faulds, RUN!

2012, 2013 Virgin London Marathon, 2015 Brighton Marathon and 2016 Paris Marathon finisher Next Challenge: Cakeathon and Brighton Marathon 2017 Join me for the fun! READ MORE

  • Jul2320169:15 p.m.

    A tricky few months ahead.... Latest

    After successfully completing Paris Marathon in April this year, I felt awesome. I took 45 minutes off my previous PB and I know I could of gone quicker, Traini...

  • Feb0920163:33 p.m.

    Return of the MaC/Knee

    So it's Tuesday. I'm having a staycation this week as I am off work using up that left over holiday that I always seem to end up with in February. Not that I'm...

  • Feb0620162:32 p.m.

    Re-visiting An Old Friend - The Physio

    Seems I’m not very good at this blogging lark. It's been two years since I’ve re-visited RealBuzz, so why the sudden return? Well first off,...

  • May04201411:34 a.m.

    Wow, it's been a while...

    So VLM 2012 Marathon came and went. Best Day of my life. As did VLM 2013, which wasn't as great an experience (you know what's coming your way - say goodbye to...

  • Jun0220129:21 p.m.

    #Day 2 - Juneathon

    Day 2 Today involved a very lovely Jubilee Parkrun in Swindon. My first in my home town. Whilst the course is a loop and more of a mind game than anything...

  • Jun0220129:17 p.m.

    #Day 1 - Juneathon

    So the first day of Juneathon involved waking up at 4.30am... I had a breakfast meeting for work at 7am which meant a run at 5am was a necessary evil. But it...

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