Confessions of a recovering sugar addict

Keeping one step ahead of diabeties (with any luck) with a long-overdue change of lifestyle READ MORE

  • Sep2120168:34 a.m.

    Poor little piggies! Latest

    I do appreciate that this is far from rational (especially for a grown adult) but whenever I eat meat, I just think “Poor little piggy!” - and then sudden...

  • Sep19201610:23 a.m.

    Waiting for the boost

    At what point do I actually get energy? I mean, you hear it a lot – “If you exercise more, your energy levels will get much higher!”...

  • Sep1620161:57 p.m.

    Five good dog walks

    I'm starting to realise what I'm up against. Working on the assumption that I’m going to run a marathon next year (if not selected for London, I’ll...

  • Sep1320163:51 p.m.

    Avoiding injury - Being patient for once!

    Well they say every journey starts with a single step, so here goes – There! The thing is, I always get it wrong. I mean – always. I used to be...

  • Aug16201610:21 a.m.

    Good news and bad news.

    I was in a hotel room, miles away from home. The clock said 04:30, and my knee was hurting like nothing I’d ever experienced before. A whole night...

  • Aug11201612:55 p.m.

    Sugar what?

    So what do I mean when I call myself a recovering sugar addict? Well, for me, sugar, and the consumption of sugar, is a major part of my reward mechanism. Ever...

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