Confessions of a recovering sugar addict

Keeping one step ahead of diabeties (with any luck) with a long-overdue change of lifestyle READ MORE

  • Oct05201612:12 p.m.

    Grooming - Shave like a grown up Latest

    My son asked for a vinyl record player for Christmas last year. I’ve got MP3 files that are older than he is, but he’s part of a generation of people who have t...

  • Oct03201610:39 a.m.

    Why women make better swimmers

    Those of us old enough to remember the early days of children’s television will remember Playschool. For those of you who grew up in the CeeBeeBees...

  • Sep2620163:16 p.m.

    A lot of thrashing about half dressed.

    I mentioned last week that I’ve found an outdoor swimming group. This is really exciting for me as it’s something I’ve always fancied trying...

  • Sep2120168:34 a.m.

    Poor little piggies!

    I do appreciate that this is far from rational (especially for a grown adult) but whenever I eat meat, I just think “Poor little piggy!” - and then...

  • Sep19201610:23 a.m.

    Waiting for the boost

    At what point do I actually get energy? I mean, you hear it a lot – “If you exercise more, your energy levels will get much higher!”...

  • Sep1620161:57 p.m.

    Five good dog walks

    I'm starting to realise what I'm up against. Working on the assumption that I’m going to run a marathon next year (if not selected for London, I’ll...

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