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With over 20 plus years in the fitness industry, Suzanne possesses a broad background and expertise as fitness club owner, fitness education conference producer & educator in the fitness arena.   Suzanne owned several successful fitness clubs in the Washington DC and Richmond, Va area for 10 years, Contours, known for outstanding group exercise prog... READ MORE

  • May3020133:09 a.m.

    AntiGravity/Aerial Yoga Latest

    I love vacations!  It always gives me a chance to take a break from work, training and teaching fitness.  However, when on vacation, I always try to find a diff...

  • Mar2020138:08 p.m.

    Choosing an Excellent Fitness Instructor

    There are more choices these days to stay fit, especially if you are a social exerciser.  Experts agree that training and working out in a group is very...

  • Feb2020139:57 p.m.

    Too little or too much?

    Finding time to exercise is the most common problem and obstacle for most when trying to get fit.  Most of us think that we have to put in long hours at...

  • Jan0920131:39 p.m.

    2013 Fitness Trends

    OK, Realbuzz fans…just when you thought Zumba was all the rage!  There are now several new cardio based fitness programs that will make an impact...

  • Nov2820129:35 p.m.

    Holiday Fitness and Health and Beyond

    Yes, it is that time of year again!  The fitness club is booming and the classes are packed, everyone is eager to get a jump start on New Years...

  • Oct3020121:10 a.m.

    Interesting Diet and Life Style Considerations

      We all know that staying healthy throughout our lives is not just about exercise.  Eating a consistent, nutritious diet is of the utmost importance...

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