VLM How good can I be?

I've entered two marathons before and to be honest,they were both disappointments for me. In the first, I lapsed rather than tapered over last weeks.On the night before the second,couldn't sleep at all and felt pretty awful before 20 miles. I've enjoyed the training but feel I still have a lot more to give. Now lays before me a whole 6 months in which to pro... READ MORE

  • Apr1720139:40 p.m.

    Tired taper no more Latest

    Felt tired the last last week and after my 10 miler Sunday-Legs continued to feel heavy.Put off running yesterday- I haven't normally skipped more than one day ...

  • Apr1520139:19 p.m.


    Just watched the awful events at the Boston Marathon. :(

  • Apr1320135:29 p.m.

    Taper taper

    Done some core/strength bits and ices to keep myself busy before tomorrow's 8 miler. Seems so odd, doesn't it- just 8 miles on a Sunday! Bloody hell, this...

  • Apr1220135:14 p.m.

    7 crap miles

    Heavy, fat, languorous- hflee lately today before during and after the run. Just what I don't need a week before the big event. Anyone else feeling like this?...

  • Apr1020137:47 p.m.

    Tour of Albufiera

    Well, not quite. More like 3 miles round the block. About half way round a young lad(about 16, I think) ran past me going the other way. He promptly changed...

  • Apr0920136:27 p.m.

    Portuguese intervals

     Found a running track and so ran to it and did some intervals. Cool temperatures for Portugal at this time of year-17 degrees- and even a little drizzle...

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