On a yard.

The fourth carnation of the blog title.  We have moved from "Best Eaten Cold" through "On a yard" and then we went on to "Getting it done."  They've all summed up how I've felt about running at the time.  I seem to be turning full circle - Brighton gave me my second taste of revenge, still a dish best eaten cold, and I am now back to the sloga... READ MORE

  • Mar1620177:08 p.m.

    The Stile Council Latest

    Two posts in two days must mean something.  Well, read all about it!

    All of the trail running that Dave(s) and I have done inevitably lead to lots of gates...

  • Mar1520173:02 p.m.

    Kaiser and Blackadder!

    Ah, all of the quotes and analogies could come your way today.  I’ll keep it brief to spare a few of them! I didn’t run at all last week; no...

  • Mar0620175:46 p.m.

    Broken, but a woodwose again.

    Well, where to start on that one. The summary is this; I turned up, I turned left, I kept Bristol to the left until I got back to the start and I got the bling...

  • Mar0320175:47 p.m.

    Keane for it.

    I’ve seen an interview with Roy Keane where he says that before a big game (like one of his legendary clashes with Viera’s Arsenal), he could feel...

  • Feb2720175:45 p.m.

    Return of the mack...

    Ah, the course of distance trail running never did run smooth, did it?  And, quite frankly, would it be as much fun if it did? Anyway, a short one, but...

  • Feb1720177:11 p.m.

    Mudd(l)ing on through

    Hi all Thanks for all of your comments on the Rok The Stones blog; somehow I knew that you’d overwhelmingly say that it was a PB, but it’s still...

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