Cancer is a word,not a sentence...all this for my mrs h.

with ref the Angus dangly gauntlet carrot! i want a sub 4hour 30 min marathon 1 more sub 2 hour half marathon a sub 53 minute 10k a sub 25 minute 5k exercise bike marathon in under an hour 2000 press ups in an hour CCCHHHAAARRRGGGEEE READ MORE

  • Dec0420165:27 p.m.

    Araf deg mae mynd ymhell! Latest

    Well hello there you beautiful buzzers!

    Ive texted many of you with regards the 'Realbuzz Performance Of The Year' votes...if your one of the people who i dont ...

  • Nov2620167:13 p.m.

    St Albans park run 2016....a chance to smile once again.

    Hi you bunch of brilliant buzzers. Where to start? was the day of the realbuzz meet up at the St Albans park run! i love meeting up with you...

  • Nov13201610:06 a.m.

    This man of action...does not want to end up in traction!

    Good morning everyone! Big old dave here! and by the way my belly is getting bigger by the minute! lololol This is a bit of a mish -mash of a blog but a blog...

  • Oct3020162:34 p.m.


    Im writing this blog before any of our true realbuzz legends write theirs....i need to get out of the way and let true brilliance come through to the fore. The...

  • Oct26201611:43 a.m.


    Hello everyone! Firstly i want to wish all the newer members who are making their first steps into joining team realbuzz the very warmest of welcomes! youve...

  • Oct16201611:09 a.m.

    Could Dave do all this without Hollywood?

    How many of us morph into a different person when we struggle at any challenge we attempt? How many of us find a different personality to help push us through...

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