Cancer is a word,not a sentence...all this for my mrs h.

with ref the Angus dangly gauntlet carrot! i want a sub 4hour 30 min marathon 1 more sub 2 hour half marathon a sub 53 minute 10k a sub 25 minute 5k exercise bike marathon in under an hour 2000 press ups in an hour CCCHHHAAARRRGGGEEE READ MORE

  • Mar2720178:39 a.m.

    Prepare for the end. Latest

    Dont panic everyone! im not forecasting the end of the world or an apocolyptic finish for us all with my blog title! Its one of my all time favourite tunes and ...

  • Mar2020177:22 a.m.

    Welwyn half marathon 2017. Stick or twist !

    Good morning team realbuzz! Yesterday saw my first ever visit to the Welwyn garden city half marathon ! It also coincided with being my last training run...

  • Mar1220178 p.m.


    As i approached mile 21 this morning the song Believe and these very lyrics ill write below filled my headphones... Why is it we dont believe in ourselves? Why...

  • Mar06201711:21 a.m.

    Troubled times.

    Good morning/afternnon team realbuzz. This is just a very quick blog from me. If truth be told i dont feel like writing it but we must document the rough times...

  • Feb2720178:45 a.m.

    Roding valley half marathon 2017.

    Good morning team realbuzz. This blog is not my normal guts and thunder and tub thumping kind of blog,you wont find it very inspirational but it is a blog all...

  • Feb1920178:12 p.m.


    As you know team realbuzz i like to try to encorporate a song title into my blog title to give you an idea of how my run went! Today i could have chosen one of...

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