Im running the VLM in April 2013 and Im raising money for tourettes action as my son Finley has a tic diorder and this charity is the leading charity in the UK helping to raise awareness and support.  READ MORE

  • Apr2620138:58 p.m.

    VLM its over but for how long ? Latest

    What can I say It was amazing and so completeley tough but I finished!

    I was not used to running in the heat and the hours of noisy crowds it totally blew my mi...

  • Apr1420133:44 p.m.

    7 days to go!

    Well its been a while since I updated this....  ive been snowboarding in France last week and iuckily didnt have an accident! I couldnt run atall while...

  • Mar1420139:25 a.m.

    20.5 miles completed

    So I went out on a long run on Sunday and completed 20.5 which I still cant belive. I went through patches of feeling really good and really bad. I had an...

  • Mar0420137:53 p.m.

    Half Marathon

    Well done to everyone who ran a half this Sunday. I took part in Bideford half marathon. Its a small event with 1,000 odd runners, lots of supporters and bands...

  • Feb2320138:24 p.m.

    Home Again...

    Well I got out on Friday morning for my 10 miler and with it all being flat ( unlike where I live as I cant avoid hills) I managed a pb of 1hr 26mins with mile...

  • Feb2020134:57 p.m.

    street lights

    Im away at the moment and finding it hard to run as there are no street lights around where we are staying and with 2 young children I get most of my running...

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