Beginners Training Diary for a marathon

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Yvonne Monks


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Beginners Training Diary for a marathon

As a complete novice to jogging I thought it might be a good idea to keep a diary of my training experiences, routes, and anything else that occurs to me.

I had hoped to secure a place in the 2014 London Marathon, so I downloaded their 24 week programme for a beginner. But that didn't happen this year (see below).  Sticking loosely to the programme though.

My first session was on Sunday 30th June.

VLM: Well that didn't happen as I got my sorry letter along with lots of others but I did get a rather nice jacket (which unfortunately is a bit tight on the tummy) but that's another incentive to get out pounding the streets.

I have instead signed up for the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon in March (day after my 53rd birthday) (charity: Children's Air Ambulance) and also the 2014 British 10k London Run in July (Help for Heroes).  

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Week One, day 3 - Tuesday 2nd...

Jog 10 mins, Walk 10 mins, Jog 5 mins Tuesday morning, 2nd July.  Nice morning again, set out early after my warm-ups, arrived about 6.30am at the park prepared for a longer session.  Set out full of high expectations, but was completely puffed out to t...

Week One, day 2 - Monday 1st ...

Jog 15 mins Monday morning, 1st July.  I’m on leave for another week so went out early for day 2.  Found the stopwatch function  on my watch and had refreshed my memory on the joggers pedometer.  Set them both off and set off.  Hoped to get around sligh...

Week One, day 1 - Sunday 30th...

Jog 15 mins. Sunday morning 30th June, just back from a weeks holiday in Northern Ireland so felt fresh. Munched on a banana.  Did a few warm-up exercises before I left.   Got to the park about 7.20am, set up my new joggers pedometer (must remember to r...