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Women's Running
I am a size 8 should I bother with a sports bra?
How often should I drink during the marathon?
Warming Up & Down
How long should my pre-race warm-up be?
Triathlon Running
How do I get faster in my running?
Triathlon Cycling
What cadence should I ride at?
Fitness Nutrition
Early morning feed before training, I’m up at 5 for a 6am pool session or spin sessions - what’s best ...
Triathlon Swimming
How do I fuel myself for the swim in a triathlon race?
I definitely want to get road bike but should I buy a carbon bike? Is the additional expense really worth ...
Running Training
I really struggle to get a regular pattern of breathing while I run, do you have any suggestions?
How do I deal with shin splints that I have had for 30 years?
Where do I find my registration to the London marathon? Thanks
Running Beginner
I am 83-year-old female. I have not run for over 40 years and doubted I could. Today, at the right ...
Although I train using SIS supplement in my drink, I regularly suffer from cramp. I've had negative blood test results ...
After a long run, 15 miles plus, the following day my top thigh muscle aches more than my calf muscles. ...
Women's Running
I’ve just found out I’m 4 weeks pregnant. Can I continue to run?
I run about one and half miles and I'm training for a marathon and I'm starting to feel a pull ...
When I run 3k or more my right toes and ball of my foot go numb. I have tried loosening ...
Running Training
Does anyone know what the following mean in a training plan. Key: ER = Easy Run, SR = Steady Run, ...
Running Training
I want to follow a published 16 week training plan for the London Marathon. Currently I run long runs of ...
Running Training
What is a recovery run?
I rolled my ankle 12 weeks ago and although it’s not painful at all to run, it hurts to stretch, ...
Running Training
I’m following a marathon training plan but occasional snowy and icy conditions are interfering with my training. I’m not keen ...
Running Training
I’m in training for a marathon. Can you give me an idea of how often I should look to have ...
I didn’t get a place in the BMW Berlin Marathon ballot, is there any way I can still get a ...
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Louise Damen

Louise has been running for over 20 years, with the last 16 of those at International level. She has represented Grea...