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Running Training
I'm a runner and have read that I should cross train to improve, but what exactly is cross-training?
Running Training
One of my running buddies has started doing yoga - can this really help improve running performance?
Healthy Eating
I always try to eat healthily, but struggle to keep it up after a long day at work. How can ...
Running Intermediate & Advanced
How can I control my race day nerves?
Running Training
I'm confused how many of my training long runs/miles I should run at race pace in the lead up to ...
How much water do I need to drink when I'm working out?
Triathlon Running
What gym exercises are most important for running?
Triathlon Swimming
What training tools can help for swimming and when?
I have signed up for a half-marathon and would love to raise money for charity – what are the best ...
Warming Up & Down
How long should my warm up take before I run?
Fitness Nutrition
I often exercise first thing in the morning and I'm never sure whether to eat before exercising. Should I have ...
Triathlon Cycling
What food should I take on the bike during a triathlon?
Running Beginner
Should I be doing other exercise in addition to running?
Running Training
I'm thinking of signing up for a marathon, but I'm not sure how much time it will take to train. ...
Healthy Eating
I think my portion sizes are too big. Do you have any advice for getting the correct amount of different ...
Running Training
My training was going well up until a few weeks ago and then I came down with a severe lung ...
Obstacle Events
What are the best shoes to wear for a muddy run?
Running Training
I really struggle to get a regular pattern of breathing while I run, do you have any suggestions?
Warming Up & Down
When should I stretch, before or after my workout?
Healthy Eating
I often feel lethargic and tired during the afternoon. Is there anything I eat to change this?
Healthy Eating
I've overindulged on holiday and I'm planning a detox now I'm back. What are the best things to eat?
Running Training
How long will it take to see the benefits of running training?
Should I drink energy and sports drinks when I'm working out rather than water?
Obstacle Events
What should I wear for an endurance obstacle race?
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Louise Damen

Louise has been running for over 20 years, with the last 16 of those at International level. She has represented Grea...