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Running Nutrition

I'm new to running and i wanted to start a healthy diet as i am preparing for a race this year. Can you recommend any dietary plan for me?

A good runner’s diet is all about finding the right balance. You need to give your body enough fuel to run efficiently, without going over the top and gaining weight. Carbohydrates will be your main energy source, and should make up around 50% of your calorie intake. This will keep your glycogen reserves topped up, which is what your body uses for fuel when you’re exercising.

Stick to healthy sources of carbohydrates, like brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Protein is important too, as it helps repair your muscles post-exercise. You’ll find high levels of protein in skinless chicken breast and salmon.

And never has the phrase ‘variety is the spice of life’ been truer than when it comes to your diet as a runner. By eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables throughout the week you’ll ensure you’re getting a good balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Snack foods should be avoided wherever possible, as they’ll be high in calories and lacking in nutrients. Likewise, foods like pizza, creamy sauces and fried foods should be off the menu. If you do indulge, as always make sure it’s in moderation.

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