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Running Training

Does anyone know what the following mean in a training plan. Key: ER = Easy Run, SR = Steady Run, TR = Threshold Run, HR = Hill Run, FR = Fartlek Run, IR = Interval Run, LR = Long Run, MP = Marathon Pace, 1/2MP = Half Marathon Pace.

As a general guide each of the items in basic terms is as follows:

Easy Run - feeling comfortable and breathing easy so that you are able to easily hold a conversation as you run.

Steady Run - used to build your base - you'll still be able to talk, but in shorter sentences.

Threshold Run - running it a level which start to get uncomfortable. You'll look to extend running at this pace for longer periods as you improve.

Hill Run - running on inclines to build leg strength. Start with gentler hills and progress to steepper inclines as you improve.

Fartlek Run - a Swedish term for 'speed play' which means effectively mixing up the pace on the same run.

Interval Run - a structured session where you decide the running distance/recovery time between each effort (rep) in the session.

Long Run - these build your stamina and are run at an easy pace and get progressively longer as you improve.

Marathon/Half Marathon Pace - the pace (time per mile/km) at which you expect to do your race.

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Running Training
My training was going well up until a few weeks ago and then I came down with a severe lung infection - antibiotics have cleared this, but I feel like I have to start again. Any tips to aid recovery and get back on form?
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Running Training
I have a place in the 2019 London Marathon and want to do it as I am 80 this December. I have never run before and have to admit I do not particularly like running but I am looking on it as a challenge. I have started week 3 of "Couch to 5k" programme and have completed 4 park runs with a PB of just over 41 mins(quite slow). I have read several training programmes etc. but would welcome your advice as to the best way to achieve my goal and stay really motivated. I also go to the gym a couple of times a week for body strengthening exercises. Many thanks.
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Louise Damen
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