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Phil Roberton
Running Training

I am following a training plan but feel like I am not running enough. Do I need to step it up?

You might think that becoming a better runner simply means putting more miles in, but increased distance does not always mean progress. In fact, it’s quite the opposite sometimes. If you’ve overtrained, you’ll know all about it. You’ll feel a general sense of fatigue, aches and pains you aren’t usually used to, and even a drop in concentration when performing day-to-day tasks.

We don’t have to tell you that this can put a sizeable spanner in the works of your running career. There’s nothing wrong with pushing for that little bit extra effort, but if you think doubling the distances in your training plan will benefit you, you are mistaken – stick to the plan.

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Are there any good half marathon plans out there which stretch over 6 months or so rather than the typical 8 weeks? Having just spent 8 weeks getting to 10k, which was quite a struggle, I don't feel confident that in another 8 I could manage a half marathon which I was originally aiming for. I would rather wait until spring and be more prepared. Do I need to come up with my own plan or are there some longer-term ones out there somewhere?
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