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Running Training

I’m running my first marathon, any race plan recommendations?

If it's your first marathon then we would possibly assume that you would need to start with a beginner marathon training plan. To get you ready for race day and to train safely we would suggest you join our Run A Marathon Challenge. Joining this will give you access to a structured week-by-week training plan aswell as giving you useful training, nutrition, and other advice along the way. Of course, if you're slightly more experienced a runner (perhaps having done several other races below marathon distance) then you can opt to start out with the intermediate plan.

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Running Training
One of my running buddies has started doing yoga - can this really help improve running performance?
Answered by
Phil Roberton
Running Training
I want to follow a published 16 week training plan for the London Marathon. Currently I run long runs of 12 to 16 miles at weekends. All the plans start with much shorter long runs (6-8 miles). Should I reduce my long runs when I start the plan or carry on until the plan catches up with me?
Answered by
Louise Damen