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Phil Roberton
Running Training

I'm a runner and have read that I should cross train to improve, but what exactly is cross-training?

Cross-training is basically activities in addition to your running to complement your training. It’s about learning new skills and training in a way that will prepare you best for your running too. Cross-training can also help to reduce the risk of injury. Finding alternative ways to work your system reduces the continual high impact work on your joints, and it can help avoid monotony and boredom by adding a bit of variety.

It will also help your body become or remain toned, strong and flexible. Whatever your training level, cross-training can help you get the results you want. When you set up your cross-training programme, it’s important that you know what you’re training for and that your goal is to include a varied mix of aerobic and anaerobic activity. Combining cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility training helps to achieve a proper balance, as these three points are the foundations of any effective fitness programme.

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