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My one and only aim is to get back into some sort of shape, other then circular. Im a keen follower of most sports including, cricket, football, rugby...

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  • Day one- Hardest day?


    Nov2220123:20 p.m.

    First day of the rest of my life? Cliche? Yeah of course it is, but then its only a cliche because its one of the truest statements out there and directly aimed at people who are ambitious and trying to achieve new goals.

    My goal, lose weight and become a new healthier, slimmer and more toned version of my current self. I seriously lack any motivation so with doing this blog i hope to get inspiration from all fellow bloggers and members of this site. My the time i finish work most evenings all i want to do is cook my dinner then sit in front of the tv before closing my eyes waiting for the next day to arrive. So, im here, hoping that all of you fitness fanatics and nutritional marvals can help me on my way.

    My first aim tonight is to get on the exercise bike when i get home after a long day on my feet. Im sure tonight i will be fine, i am on here because i am motivated, however i know the hard part is keeping it up.

    Wish me luck

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