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Showing no mercy......

Good news this week -I have lost 3lbs! I sneakily weighed myself before breakfast which I know is not the best way to do it, but sometimes you just need that extra confidence! I only went to the gym once this week - and I was hungover, so I was pretty useless and I might just as well have  stayed at home because the treadmill was just making me feel even more poorly. The night before was the new mums' night out together and we met in a pub and then went for some food. I realised that I was getting a little bit tipsy but for some reason, I kept drinking because we were having such a good time. We went for a Chinese meal after the pub and I have forgotten how drinking makes you eat more! I was gobbling up the food and it was only the next morning that I thought about how many calories I'd consumed that evening!

I'm not going to think about that anymore..... But I couldn't even burn off those calories in the gym as I felt so rough! I think that I am going to have to be a little stricter with myself next time I go to the pub, because by drinking that little more than I should, it actually made me eat more also. Damn.... Nathan Robertson (my old mixed partner) and I have formed a bit of a business venture with a guy called Andy Allford who is the strength and conditioning coach for the English Institute of Sport at the badminton centre. Basically, the 3 of us go to badminton clubs across the country and hold a "Masterclass" and we've had some great feedback about the day. We hold 3 sessions a day - two for juniors and one for adults and we make it as fun as possible and hopefully teach people a few new things. We had a bit of a break so Harry could be born (how nice of the guys?!) but now it's back on the road and taking the Masterclass around the country! We went to Bedford and Milton Keynes at the weekend and the sports halls were so hot! But everyone who came along put so much effort into it that it makes a really enjoyable experience.

My mum was at the Bedford event and she gets so competitive! At the end, me and Nathan play a few points against the adults and when it was my mum's turn, she really wanted to beat me. This is probably the only time that she could beat me as I am still a bit rusty in the fitness and skill department. I could see in her face that she meant business when she stepped on court and I kept the rally going until she made play a loose shot and she came running in to kill it and get her glory moment.... Except she hit it in the net and I could see she was absolutely crushed! I wonder where I get my competitiveness from??!! I had to give her one of the Masterclass t-shirts as a freebie to stop her sulking!

There has been a lot of badminton for me this week - I was challenged to a game by the radio DJ Dr Fox to mark the fact that it is just over 2 years until the Olympics start in London. I saw him warm-up and he was actually pretty good and he told me that he plays a lot with his family. I was getting a little bit nervous and we did all the pre-records for the match and then it was crunch time. Now I have to admit my tactics were a bit evil.... I thought that I would just go out there and smash the hell out of the shuttle from the start to scare him a little, get a good start and then go with it after that. All fine, I started off aggressive and fired up, but I forgot to turn it off! In the end, I wasn't giving him a chance and I ended up winning 21-0! I have never beaten anyone 21-0 before and so I thought the best time to do it would be a fun challenge match against a celebrity to promote the 2012 Olympics. Brilliant. I think Dr Fox was a bit shell-shocked because he just walked away quietly- perhaps he was nursing a bruised ego, but more than likely, he was thinking that I'm a complete psycho nutter!

I played hockey this week too! The first time in 6 years! I played summer league mixed hockey for a bit in 2003 and really enjoyed myself and it was great for my fitness. I was then banned from playing because one month from the World Championships, I turn up at training with a black eye and a split cheekbone. Basically I decided to run into the goalie and he head-butted me with his helmet. Nice. I now have a scar there! To be honest, I was owed something like because at school I broke 2 noses and gave my best mate Megan 10 stitches in her forehead! But luckily nothing like that happened in my first match back.... Well, I was shouted at a lot! The shouts aimed at me were "get back here and defend!" and "your player is getting away from you!" and my replies were "I’m bloody well trying!" or "I’ve just had a baby!" Then after 10 minutes I had to take my gum shield out and throw up at the side of the pitch as I was so knackered. Classy! Even though I ached so much the next day, I'm really looking forward to the next match!

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