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Stress, Stress Go Away . . .

Feb0320125:04 p.m.

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

~Jennifer Yane, artist


My Momma used to say, “When it rains, it pours.” With Momma’s analogy in mind, today I was drenched. By 8:00 a.m., I had a sick dog, a sick fish, and a sick car – which all made me sick!


Can you relate to a similar stress equation, realbuzz friends?

Experts claim that stress is the deterioration our bodies’ experience as we adjust to our ever changing environment -- and that our tolerances to stress are individual and depend on our perceptions and nature.

Yep!  As it turns out, my dog’s system was stressed by eating too-rich food, my fish was stressed by too many nitrates in our aquarium, and my car’s battery was stressed because had I left the rear hatch open (and the light on overnight). And of course, I was stressed by the unexpected “deluge.” 

I dealt with the downpour and in several hours the “waters” receded, but what happens when resolutions are not swift and easy – or worse when symptoms are ignored?

The signs of negative stress can take place in your mind (confusion, poor judgment, inability to concentrate), body, (stiff neck, back pain, shortness of breath, headache), emotions (resentment, anxiety, oversensitivity) and actions (laugh or cry at inappropriate times, isolation, grinding teeth).

Although there are many variables to stress, realbuzz friends, the researched conclusion is the same: Unmanaged stress can threaten your health. If you have over-extended your stress muscles and need some relief, consider these stress-busters:

Breathe Deeply – Deep breathing helps to flush out the lymphatic system.  Poor lymph drainage causes fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle loss, inflammation and stress. 

Take a Recess – Do a head-to-toe check, connecting to your body’s stress place-holders. Where do you feel stress?  Do you feel kinks in your neck?  Do your ankles feel stiff?  Take care of it.

Find the Funny – Look for ways to lighten up. Watch a funny movie, spend time with light-hearted friends, or play with a child (to bring out your inner kid).  


Practice Saying No – or saying “Let me think about it.” Taking control of your time is important to your mental health. Read more here.  

Move It – Take a walk around the block…or scoot your chair away from your desk, palms down, flat on the desk and let your head and shoulders hang through your arm and breathe. Physical movement whether it’s a brisk walk or a simple stretch can release tension and stress.

Vent It – Call a friend to vent. Just talking it out helps to release stress and may give you the needed perspective to let things go.

Sleep on It – Take a soothing bath, read a soul-nurturing book, and get a good night’s sleep to restore balance; mind, body and spirit. 


Photo Credit: Vera Kratochvil 

Practice Moderation “Do you really need the sweater in every color?  Keep in mind that too many choices may complicate, overwhelm, causing you undue hassle.

Find Order Make the bed, clean your desk, or balance your checkbook. Putting things in order can help you to regain a sense of control.

Forget Perfect –You will feel less stressed if you focus on what’s good, instead of what you need to improve. 



That said realbuzz friends, it’s not possible to completely eliminate stress, nor do you want to. Insufficient stress can lead to depressed feelings. And in certain amounts, stress can deepen and enrich your life. To better manage the small stuff, recognize your stress triggers, change the controllable stress sources, and try a stress-buster (or ten) to help weather the storm. 

How about you, real buzz friends? How does stress show up for you? Are you easily stressed? Do any of these stress-busters work for you?

Until next time . . . a venting (and it works!) Mare

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  • fionapotter 'I can relate, except my stressors involve noisy kids, too much laundry and really (really) bad hair... I am going to practice saying "no" to my housework (at least for the moment) and go outside to enjoy this beautiful day. Thanks Mare! p.s. Hope your dog (and fish) feel better soon.' added 7th Feb 2012

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