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Not another MDF  MDF stands for Mad Dad Fad and its what my wife calls all the different ways i have tried to get fit , lose weight and gene...

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  • one of the toughest runs yet


    Aug1620133:24 p.m.

    This morning was tough - its so hot in istanbul at the moment i didnt sleep well last night and really struggled to get the motivation to run in the morning

    but ı did ! every 5 minutes or so - especially at the start the voice in my head saying can stop its ok you've done well this week ...was loud and persistent but ı ignored it and ran for 40 minutes - ı was absolutely soaked afterwards but very glad ı won the mental battle with myself


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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Well done, great effort ! Now you MUST have a lovely orange tan by now to join us all on the 8th Sep' ????? It'll be a fun day for all :-)' added 16th Aug 2013

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    • DaveCH 'Great! Well done. It would be good to hear a bit about what it is like running in Istanbul (scenery, people etc.) or is it just like running in Slough (or similar)!' added 17th Aug 2013

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    • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'Good job. I have come round to thinking that some runs are good for you physically, and others are good for you mentally.' added 18th Aug 2013

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