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Hello This is my blog about the challenges of training for a marathon dressed as a MOLE. I have the honour of representing the charity VICTA (Visually...

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  • Down and out for 2014 .............2015hmmmmm not sure


    Nov0420139:33 a.m.

    Just under 7 weeks ago on my way too work I was knocked of my scooter at a t junction. Injuring my left knee. At first I just thought it was a knock. But when the swelling didn't go down my doc ordered a MRI

    Cut a long story short I have a "Near complete tear of my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) and a partial tear of my MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament). I had got a Ballot place so I have had to defer. But I'm worried I wont get fit for the 2015 London marathon.

    I will need an ACL reconstruction but the doc won't do it until the MCL heals and I have full movement of my knee. I have another appointment in 4 weeks.

    Has anyone else had a ASL reconstruction and went on to run? and what was the timescale?

    I hope this isn't the end of my marathon running.

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    • hollywooddave 'stick in there pal,your not done for yet! when i was 22 i played semi pro football,i got tackled quite innocently from behind but the tackle snapped my anterior cruciate and tore my medial collateral ligament(almost identical to your injury), i was put in plaster for 4 months from thigh to toe then for 4 months in a knee brace.they did not repair the ligaments via surgery as they thought i was young enough for them to repair naturally. im 100% sure you will run a marathon again,these surgeons are amazing,your knee will probably as strong as its ever been after surgery:) yes you will have the occasional shhoting pain but with the right physio work youll be back to business pretty sharpish! keep your head up pal,if its not 2015 then 2016 it is:)onwards and upwards' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • FANNY_ 'so sorry to read this I have every thing crossed for you and you'll be stronger then ever for 2015' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • Dundee 'You did it this year in a molel suit so think positive! We will both be back for 2015!!' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • Vin 'Mr Mole....really sorry to hear that but glad it's not more serious.... "The end" are for people who understand what the 2 words mean. People like you and me and other RealBuzzers don't so I'll see you up and running soon. I am running for VICTA in 2014. ' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • gaellebryant 'So sorry to hear about those injuries...Keep positive and you will be running again as long as you give yourself all the time it needs to recover fully. My thoughts are with you...' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'Difficult - but down get downhearted - just take a look at the Premier League to see just what can be done after operations like these.' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • Runwithroxy 'Really bad news Mr Mole But don't give up yet - amazing things can be done these days' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Keep your chin up mate. My family and I saw you run by back in April, from the balcony of Savoy Place. I ran in a Morph suit but you did amazingly well running in your gear, Hats off to you. You'll be back out running again once you're mended, your determination won't let you down! KickAS_Kat has some history I believe with ACL (among other things) so you may like to contact her. Good luck and stay strong.' added 4th Nov 2013

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    • KickAS_Kat 'Hey Mr Mole : ) Really sorry to hear about your injuries. As BB says above, I had an ACL reconstruction in late Oct last year and now the knee is completely pain free (has been for the last four months), with full range of movement back after 11 months and actually much stronger than the other knee (both knees have no cartilage left but running and skiing have never been an issue because of it). The rehab is pretty long and tedious, but very well worth getting it right. Only problem I had during rehab was occasionally straining the hamstring where the graft was taken from (same leg) when I overdid things. Haven't been able to try distance running yet as I developed neck problems earlier this year had to have part of it fused a month ago (eye roll!). I'd say you'd easily do the 2015 marathon if you get the rehab right and are patient. Major tip, try and keep your quads in good shape pre-surgery. Depends on surgeon but because of other knee issues, mine had me 2 weeks non weight bearing, then four weeks partial weight bearing and in a full leg knee brace 24/7, on crutches for first 6 weeks post op. Hope this helps a bit and yes, no worries, you will run again : )' added 4th Nov 2013

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