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with ref the Angus dangly gauntlet carrot! i want a sub 4hour 30 min marathon 1 more sub 2 hour half marathon a sub 53 minute 10k a sub 25 minute 5k e...

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    Sep0220143:39 p.m.

    Good afternoon everyone!

    The atmosphere for Sundays great oggie run 2/ little Louie run is reaching fever pitch! I truly believe you buzzers are the best in the world! How you guys and girls come together time and time and time again when called truly is amazing! Be very very proud of who you are!

    Many thanks for all your comments on my last blog! Suggestions aplenty for my own super Sunday and many thanks for your concern about my breathing problem attack last Tuesday night! Very scary and something I hope never happens again! I'm not going to lie, my breathing not 100% now but NOTHING will stop me come Sunday!

    Right... Below is the list of my challenges on Sunday, please feel free to jion me in some, do them the same time I'm doing them! It will help me so so much knowing I've fellow buzzers attempting these challenges!


    6.30am. Most press ups in an hour

    7.35am. Cycle a marathon in an hour

    8.50 am . Plank challenge

    9am most press ups in a minute

    9.30am . Run a half marathon in under 2 hours 30 mins ( running at same time as bolty and simmy)

    12.10pm fastest 777 crunches challenge

    1pm stand on 1 leg for 7 minutes barefoot! ( with Kat)

    1.20pm. Fastest 5k walk challenge( with Kat)

    2pm down a pint of beer in 7 seconds!( gonna enjoy that!)

    and my own personal challenge is to try and stay alive after all that lololol! Mrs H has allready asked me to sign a will!!



    Oooo ps!! I'll be videoing all my attempts and compressing it down into a 10 min or so montage! Does anybody know how to get videos uploaded to here ? Or if not I can send to someone to put on Facebook page ? I think us buzzers have a Facebook page? Let me know :))


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    • bevlar 'Great list there HD but very disappointed to not see my "nailing jelly to the ceiling" challenge amongst them lol!!! ;-) ' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'Lol bev! After 10 pints I'll be trying that ! Mrs h will go spare lol!! ' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • bevlar 'ha ha photos please :-) ' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'I'll try my best!! The jelly will have to be bright blue!!' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • libbylaird 'That is some epic challenge, I know you can do it. I'll join in the 2pm challenge but will probably need to practice a bit first! Looking forward to seeing the photos of bright blue jelly nailed to the ceiling (and Mrs H's expression when she sees it!)' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'It's gonna be a very tough but fulfilling day Libby! Can't wait to push to the very edge for that young man:)' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • HellenH 'Omg Mr Hollywood-I have got so much catching up to do-I go away for a few weeks and its gone maaad on here!!!good luck with Sunday!! I will try and do a couple of those challenges with you here! And I will try and get out on my from my Achilles come rain or shine!! Have a good one and I hope you are feeling better! I will definitely try the pint in7seconds but I'll wait til I've done everything else first!!! ;) ' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'Hi Helen:) I think the down a pint in 7 seconds could be very popular lol!! Give the plank challenge a try it the stand on 1 leg for 7 minute challenge? Or give them all a try lol! Hope your well and we keep fighting!!' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • gloshawk 'Ah, I knew that you wouldn't do it by halves - full pints only with you, eh, beer and all of the other challenges too. Crazy and inspiring as always. Great stuff. I don't think we can upload videos to RB (I know Vin has tried before) but we can certainly do it on FB. If you want to send it to me, I'd be delighted to do the honours. On a yard!!' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'Good evening mr chairman:)) as soon as the challenges are done and I've sorted the video out I will send it over to you:) thanks very much pal! I am hoping by Monday /Tuesday to have sent it to you:) I reckon you, hobs and big dc can have a go at the downing a pint in 7 second challenge! Go on... You know you want to:))' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • DaveCH 'That`s a tough program Dave. The only one where I could even think about doing it would be the pint in 7 secs. But how long does it have to stay down?' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'Hey Swiss dave:) the pint in 7 seconds has to stay down for 7 minutes to be classified a pass! I'm not worried about the first pint ! It's the other 10 I'm worried about lol! Good luck in your marathon at dingle! Go smash it big fella! Shoulder to shoulder:))' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • AngusMc 'Evening HD, I didn't know that you had breathing problems last week. Must have happened whilst I was away in Northumberland, hope you are ok and got if checked out etc. You have devised an incredibly tough set of challenges to complete, there is no other buzzer who could get close to what you will be doing. The focus will be on Louie and others who are less able than us ( and maybe that pint at the end) . You are as crazy as Oggie!' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Fantastic HD - Brilliant set of challenges, I'll join you in most press ups in a minute (haven't done 1 in the last 10 years) and the balancing one. Only you could concieve of these darstadly challenges and then carry them out all on way - you're brilliantly bonkers!' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • KickAS_Kat 'Can't wait HD :) I'll try and video the wobbling on one leg for 7 minutes as well, but only until I fall I over ;) What you're doing is amazing and inspiring even if it is mad :) ' added 2nd Sep 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Echo that Dave, brilliantly bonkers!! What a day it's going to be! Simmy and I will give you a RRRROOOAAARRR as we start off in Maidenhead!! I'll try to stand on one leg in the bar after the Half!! lol lol Really looking forward to the video, you are going to smash those records Lord Hollywood! GO GO GO FOR LOUIE!! :))))' added 2nd Sep 2014

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