After VLM - What's next? by judith


Well VLM has been and gone and I absolutely loved every step of the way and minute of the whole day. A fantastic experience. But the running won't be ...

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  • VLM from a spectators view


    Apr1620148:48 p.m.

    Well a manic weekend that was. Started on 09:50 train to London Euston and a chat with Alison (KraftyKat) Wolstenholme a Realbuzzer. Hope your run went well Alison. Then lunch and check-in at the hotel and off to Primark on Oxford Street. Then off to the Olympic Park, tea and bed.

    Up early Saturday morning and off to the Expo, spent a fortune but it's not every year I get down there.

    Sunday was just amazing. Went with Janice to her start, the blue one at Blackheath. Then walked through Greenwich Park had a ciabatta for brekfaast and jumped on the tube to South Quays found a spot in the sun and that was us. Watching the Virgin London Marathon. What a blaze of colour and mix of athletic standard. The wheel chair elite men first, then the women. then the world championship runners and the guided runners. The elite women went past so fast I missed any photos of them. The elite men were just amazing. Mo is so tall and his stride length well I wish.

    Then the good club runners and we managed to spot some quite early on from Preston Harriers, we have a friendly rivalry with them so they got a big shout. We managed to see most of our club runners who got big cheers.

    It truly is the most amazing event to take part in and to watch. In some respects taking part is easier than standing in one spot for five hours clapping and cheering everyone on. My hands were seriously sore. Did my good deed for the day and let a lady use my mobile to ring her husband as she was dropping out.

    Before we set off I said no-more spring marathons. But the ballot opens on Tuesday so we will see. Maybe just one more London.

    We did a for mile run last night very slowly. That's the start of the training for the Yorkshire marathon in October. Six months to go!!

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