After VLM - What's next? by judith


Well VLM has been and gone and I absolutely loved every step of the way and minute of the whole day. A fantastic experience. But the running won't be ...

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  • Back on target and advice needed


    Aug2620144:57 p.m.

    SmileHappier at last. Back on target this weekend so feeling happier. The 16 miles was hard going from about 14 miles. I started feeling light headed so I think I need to eat more during the week and especially on the days that we are running. Might have to start looking at porridge  and pasta salads on the weekdays that we are running. I am constantly hungry. Any advice would be appreciated. We fuelled the run with High5 Gels which are the ones that The Yorkshire Marathon are using on the day and I had had my usual bowl of porridge in the morning but obviously it wasn't enough. We did the recovery run on Tuesday and after a shower both of us felt like we could have done it again and then the marsahall run on Wednesday. We have our inter club competion so this was so that people helping on the night get to know the course and the point at which they will be marshalling. It's easy for us as we are always at the finish but it was good to get out and see a bit of the course.

    So this week is a recovery run tonight. not sure tomorrow night and a 4/5 mile run on Thursday.

    Time for a catchup. Happy running everyone.

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    • hollywooddave 'Evening Judith:) I'm not a very good nutritionist but I reckon that you have to eat more to counter balance the calories you use up especially on very long runs. I'm terrible at listening to my own advice lol! Try 2 bowls of porridge instead of 1? Worth a try:)' added 26th Aug 2014

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    • Vin 'I use to get same weakness and light headed too. Try the Power bars...energize. Holland and Barrett. Different flavours. Make sure you get the During one as there are ones for before and after running. Yummy. Good luck' added 26th Aug 2014

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    • Nick 'I haven't really got any great advice. You just have to work out what works best for you by trial and error. I find plenty of carbohydrates are the best for me!!' added 26th Aug 2014

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    • ymonks 'I always enjoy my porridge with added dried fruit (raisins and cranberries) along with a nice helping of muesli or whatever cereal I have in the cupboard all mixed together. But I'm a self confessed piggy and I have that every day whether I've been for a run or not.' added 26th Aug 2014

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    • Jennymcc 'I have the same problem as you Judith in that I don't always eat enough before a long run then get hungry. I get sick of gels and jelly babies. I try to have porridge 2 hours before then a banana just before I go out. Cereal bars or flapjacks can be good things to eat whilst out. Good luck. ' added 28th Aug 2014

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    • Alaistair 'Porridge is great for slow release energy but as Nick has said above, its all really trial and error to find what works for you. I try not to eat two hours before a run...and during the long run do not start hitting Gel until 55 mins running (then take a Gel every 5 miles if running hard). Really glad to read your long runs are starting to come together for York...' added 30th Aug 2014

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