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After getting sick and being unable to run this summer, I'm getting back to my previous fitness level and trying to do some good along the way by runi...

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  • Outside and out of shape...


    Jan24201210:45 p.m.

    Oh my, it has been a while since I posted.  I blame the holidays.  Yes I know it's the end of January but let's let that slide.  Now I’m back and counting down to half marathon day.  Over the holidays I was lucky enough to visit my brother in LA.  The weather was fantastic and I was so happy to be running outside again!  That is, I was happy until around mile 5.  Let me preface this by saying my brother’s area of LA has the worst kind of hills.  You know, those slight inclines that you don’t even notice until your quads are burning and your breath is short?  So around mile 5 it hit me that I was in trouble.  Not just on that run, but in my training.  I’d been lured into a false sense of security on my treadmill in dreary London.  I have less than two months until my half marathon and I need to be able to face those horrible inclines by then!  So fellow runners, how can I get my body outdoor-ready by March?  Do you have any treadmill workouts that simulate outdoor running or do I really have to brave the rain and cold and get myself out to Hyde Park?  Send me your advice!

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    • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'If you can get yourself outside for a longer run at the weekend, in the warmth of the day, do it, its going to better prepare you for the challenge ahead. For your midweek runs though, if you're staying on the treddie, put the incline up to about 1 or 2 degrees, which more closely mimics the pattern of muscle recruitment of 'real' running. ' added 26th Jan 2012

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