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Its all Lou's fault, she is the one who posted on Facebook that she had got a place for Brighton Marathon next April and after the dissapointed of not...

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    Jan2320138:55 p.m.

    Tried to post a blog last week and after spending time and energy putting thoughts to a blank piece of sheet.....realbuzz erased it! How dare they, all that hard work.

    Well I have been lazy blogging, work has taken hold a bit, well a lot but thats not a bad thing because I enjoy it and it has taken ages to get into a position where I can say that.

    But I am running, not far but regulary. Last week I was ill and only ran once but I am managing to get out 3 times a week, usually between 2-3 miles. This might not seem a lot but I have also been doing a lot of dog walking and that adds extra miles per day.

    At the start of the year I was going to cancel my gym membership but a pay rise with the job meant that it wasn't a priority and I am glad as it meant that when the weather has been bad I have used the treadmill there instead of slipping on ice.

    I still hope to do the Blackpool half at the end of February and need to get my miles up to 10 in the next couple of weeks.  I bought some new trainers today (although I have to break them in) Hoka's. I wrongly ordered the trail ones.......although to be honest in my size there were NO other ones left. I feel ten foot tall, and boy are they bouncy!

    I also signed up for the York Marathon in October, now this I am really excited about and there is no pulling out of it as I am raising money for the same charity I did the 10k in December.

    Looking foward to Spring.....

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    • Dungey 'good to hear you are getting in some mileage, gym is very useful in this weather. York looks like its going to be a good one' added 24th Jan 2013

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    • Johnf 'Good training Molly, never heard of those trainers. York seems to have caught the imagination.' added 24th Jan 2013

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    • Mrs_Old_Bird 'Hi Molly! Well done on your runs in the gym, and good luck with the Blackpool Half. I'm back in "wobbly-jelly" mode at the moment, but hope to start doing something (or anything!) soon. Kay x' added 3rd Feb 2013

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