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This blog is a way of recording and tracking my running whilst training for the Great North Run 2013 and Virgin London Marathon 2014 in aid of Spinal ...

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  • Update on London Marathon Training


    Feb0620145:37 p.m.

    Again....apologies for leaving the blogsphere for so long. I started training for the Virgin London Marathon (second time lucky) 8 weeks ago now and it's all been pretty smooth going, so perhaps I didn't feel the need to blog to ask for advice etc.. Nevertheless, I've hit a brick wall again.

    I went back to university at the beginning of January but have managed to keep up with training relatively well. Though I'm constantly under a mountain of work, I found it quite easy to carry on going out running 5 times a week. However, after week 7 (an easier week to help your body recover), I seem to have been struck down by illness/exhaustion/too much work/total lethargy. It almost feels like because I hadn't been training as hard last week all of a sudden the late nights, early mornings, long runs and hard work has sunk in and I have never felt so tired in my life. Even when I'm sleeping an average of eight hours a night, I am still totally exhausted.

    I was just wondering if anyone has had a lag like this. My parents are also training for the marathon but they seem to be okay - they wonder if it's just to do with the uni environment I'm in and not having as good standard food as them back home (I am a veggie too). Or is this a brick wall that everyone hits at some point? All I want to do is go training but my body struggles to leave my room for lectures never mind a ten mile run.

    After all the positivity over the last two months with less knee pain than usual, better breathing and stronger legs, and feeling like I'm beating Dystonia a bit, I'm back to square one. Any advice?


    P.S. I'm going to try and keep back up with this blog and reading others from now on - I feel it helps to know what other people are experiencing in training and it refreshes me when I know I'm not alone.

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    • gaellebryant 'Food intake is very important indeed. Remember you are a machine and a good car doesn't run well on crap! What you feed your body is what is going to help you through intense training. Also, do you eat straight after a run? Experts keep saying it is important to eat within 2in of finishing a helps recover much better. Hydration is key too. Good luck!' added 6th Feb 2014

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    • gloshawk 'Welcome back! You're certainly right about the cathartic effect of blogging - it's nearly (nearly!) as important as running for me. Lethargy is bound to affect us all at some point - I'd agree with Gaelle re the importance of food and drink! Oh, and stretching and sleep. Good luck,' added 6th Feb 2014

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    • DaveCH 'I think everyone gets completely knackered at some point during one of these marathon programs. It shows you have been working hard. Give yourself a couple of days off. go for a swim or a sauna and then get back on the program.' added 6th Feb 2014

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    • Gingerbee 'Are you getting enough iron? 5 times a week is pretty intense training - can you cut back to 3 or 4 runs a week for a while? Hope you feel better soon. Be careful you don't get glandular fever by pushing yourself too much.' added 6th Feb 2014

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    • Gallimore88 'I went out for an 8 mile run Wednesday and my split times have dropped from 7-8mins to 10-12. I couldn't work out why? I've gradually been getting slower despite hills, intervals, long runs,everything! I'm hoping its just tiredness and my body not having the chance to rest and come back stronger. My point is ..I've taken a few days off..upped my calories (not chocolate biscuits - I wish) and hopefully recharged! I think you need the same! ' added 7th Feb 2014

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