5 Worst Fitness Fads

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5 Worst Fitness Fads

The world of fitness has had its fair share of shocking crazes throughout the years, here are five of the worst exercise fads to ever grace the gym.

The world of fitness has had its fair share of shocking crazes throughout the years, here are five of the worst exercise fads to ever grace the gym.


Face Yoga

Who needs a facelift when you can do Face Yoga? As the world’s leading Face Yoga expert, Danielle Collins supports the concept which supposedly works on the 57 muscles in your face to give you fewer wrinkles, improved skin tone and firmer skin.

Apparently, the classes offer a natural way to look younger and healthier, with an added sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Just don’t go thinking that Face Yoga is an easy workout, those signed up to the craze are supposed to ‘train’ their facial muscles for 20 minutes at a time, six times a week using 18 specific techniques. So next time you see someone pulling a funny face on the train, don’t panic, they are probably doing face yoga.



Yes, dog yoga really is a thing. This crazy fitness fad began in New York with an aim to rid dogs of their anxiety and negativity. They say a man’s best friend is his dog and if you have ever felt guilty about leaving your pooch at home while you go to the gym then doga could be for you.

For some of the moves, dogs will be used as weights while the owners do all of the yoga, but there are some specific stretches the dogs can do on their own. Dog yoga is supposed to work best with smaller dogs, but that doesn’t mean your Great Dane can’t come along, some of the moves can be altered for bigger canines - just be prepared to share your yoga mat.


Sing when your spinning

Some of us love nothing more than belting out karaoke classics after a drink or two with our mates, but during a spinning class? We’re not so sure. It can be hard enough getting air into your lungs, never mind worrying about holding those high notes while on the bike, but that’s what karaoke spinning is all about.

Karaoke spinning could potentially have some fitness benefits, by distracting you from the pain of the exercise, your body might be able to work harder. Some karaoke spinning classes include group singalongs, requests and some even have strobe lighting to simulate a nightclub environment.


50 Shapes Of Grey

You might have read the book or seen the film, but are you aware of one of the most niche fitness fads out there, 50 Shapes of Grey? No, we hadn’t either we but apparently, it’s a thing. This fitness class was created by New York based Kristen James and aims to improve people’s flexibility and strength so that they can re-enact the moves that Anastasia and Christian perform in the book.

There are 13 moves which Kirsten devised after analysing each chapter of the book, naming them in keeping with the themes of the book, such as the sexy scissors, and the seductive squat. You can even complete the workout with your heels on.  


Punk Rock Aerobics

Some of you might not consider this fitness fad all that terrible, but it all really depends on your musical preferences. Aerobics classes are renowned for loud and all too often cheesy pop music, but this is a class with a difference. Punk Rock Aerobics features music from punk royalty including The Buzzcocks, The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

With moves including the mosh pit, air guitar and side swipe, Punk Rock Aerobics offer a workout like no other. The classes are all about attitude and aim to get you to take control of the mind. Who said Punk Is Dead?