Top 5 Alternative Fitness Classes

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Top 5 Alternative Fitness Classes

Looking for a exercise class outside the norm? Check out these top fitness classes which should help give you a fresh approach to your workouts.

Looking for a exercise class outside the norm? Check out these top fitness classes which should help give you a fresh approach to your workouts.



SoulCycle is a relatively new group exercise concept. Describing itself as ‘indoor cycling re-invented’, it has elements of a spinning class combined with yoga and meditation to make it a unique fitness experience. Riders cycle on a spinning bike by candlelight while at the same time working their core and upper bodies using weights, and attempting to clear the mind.

Classes ordinarily last for 45 minutes, and those wanting a longer workout can opt for a SoulSurvivor class, which lasts for an hour. While the bulk of classes are to be found in New York, Soulcycle has been spreading its wheels to take in other venues such as in Southern California, Chicago, Florida and many more, and we’re sure this concept will be sweeping the globe before long.



Finding opportunities for exercise when you are a new parent is exceptionally difficult, but this is where Buggyfit could come to the rescue. At a time when you are possibly struggling to eat healthily and having problems shifting the post-baby weight then Buggyfit allows you to start to get your fitness back on track.

So how does it work? Essentially parents (usually the mothers) turn up at a designated meeting point with their buggies and babies, usually in a local park. There is usually a warm-up followed by a brisk run/walk over a 3-5 mile (1.8km - 3.1km) course. Exercises are also performed at various points along the way, the majority of which are aimed are aimed at improving the post-baby body. Instructors will usually be fully trained PT instructors with knowledge of prenatal and antenatal fitness.   


Ballet Beautiful

No need for a tutu, but ballet, or more specifically Ballet Beautiful, might just be the key to improved fitness. Professional ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers, developed the concept of Ballet Beautiful, a series of exercises and stretches that can transform your body within a few weeks.

Though based in New York you can take part in Ballet Beautiful through online live classes. Both instructor and student can see each other during the class, and there is opportunity to ask questions. The beauty of this approach is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take part and you can even wear a tutu - that will be between just you and your instructor!


SurfSet Classic

Always fancied yourself as a surfer but live far from the coast? Well, SurfSet Classic could be the answer, allowing you to ride a surfboard without even touching water. Class members are provided with a surfing simulator called an RSX machine and then have to respond to the board’s wobbles and movements which mimic surfing.

Participants in sessions get to experience all aspects of surfing, from paddling to pushing oneself up to stand and ride a wave. The classes work your small stabilisers as well as all the major muscle groups, meaning that SurfSet Classic will help you achieve a leaner, stronger and more toned physique.


Group rowing

Technically rowing on the water is much more difficult and often impractical, and that is why many people choose to use a rowing machine. But while rowing provides a great low impact cardio and muscle toning workout, it can also get boring.

This is where a group rowing fitness class comes into its own. You can work in unison with others, but tailor your workout to suit your current fitness levels. In a group session you’ll learn the basics of correct rowing technique, which will be invaluable in the long term. So, as well as boosting your motivation, group rowing will have benefits for your performance levels.