10 Best Themed Fundraising Events Your Friends Will Love

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10 Best Themed Fundraising Events Your Friends Will Love

Not sure if your event is a money-raising winner? Then theme it – the more inventive and creative you can be the better!

Not sure if your event is a money-raising winner? Then theme it – the more inventive and creative you can be the better!

Adding a theme to your fundraising event can help to capture people’s attention and increase attendance. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few that your friends will love.


Favourite book

Why not take inspiration from the written word? A themed event based on a classic or best-seller can be great fun. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party gives everyone the chance to dress up as their favourite Lewis Carroll character. And a group that organised this in village in England’s West Country recently raised almost £1,500 for cancer charities.

Or why not have a Harry Potter themed bash – complete with a game of Quidditch? The possibilities are endless.



Everyone loves the wonderful world of Disney. And a ball or dinner themed around the studio’s many classics can be a fundraising winner. Unlike Cinderella, you can all go to the ball! Or why not organise a Frozen themed party and sing-song? We’ve also seen Frozen activity days, discos and tea parties raising money across the globe and generating lots of publicity in local media. This one is bound to be a favourite with the kids!


Sporting success

A sports-themed charity event can be a real winner. From an inter-office five-a-side or netball tournament to getting everyone to pay cash to come to work for a day in their team’s football or rugby strip. How about holding a big table football tournament or putting on a pub games Olympics in your local bar?


Food and drinks themed

Theming food and drinks at an event can be great fun. Choose a country and go all out to provide its tastiest treats. Look for somewhere spicy like the Caribbean, or make a giant paella party and break out the San Miguel in honour of Spain.

And make sure all your guests come in the national costumes of the country you’ve chosen. Music from there is also a must. Tacos and a Mariachi Band, what’s not to like?


Colour themed

You can also look at a colour for your charity fundraising theme. Pink is associated with the fight against breast cancer and there have been a whole host of themed events using that colour over recent years, including a pink pedal challenge in the Australian capital Canberra.

In the UK, Yorkshire Air Ambulance turned the white rose county yellow – raising £38,500 with a number of yellow jersey-themed events to celebrate the arrival of the Tour De France there in 2014. Schools, businesses and entire communities got in on the act with events ranging from yellow themed bake sales to static yellow bike challenges.

Yellow is also popular in the North East of England, with fundraisers urged to go bananas in aid of disabled children and their families. Pick your colour and go with it – from fancy dress to discos, a splash of colour can lift any event and get people smiling – and giving!


Go back in time

Everyone loves nostalgia. So going retro might be the fundraising path to take. How about a 50s themed evening with some good old rock ‘n’ roll or a 70s glam rock pub crawl, with the chance of finding the most outrageous costume from that era? Maybe you’ll get your inspiration from ABBA or how about Saturday Night Fever?


James Bond

He’s everyone’s favourite secret agent and he’s licensed to thrill. A themed 007 ball or garden party gives the men the chance to dress and act like Daniel Craig and women the opportunity to glam up like an actual Bond girl.


World record

Centre your fundraising event on record-breaking activities. Find the wildest and wackiest records you can and have a crack at getting yourself a title. Speed eating beans with a cocktail stick or jelly with chopsticks, throwing custard pies in the biggest fight possible or seeing how many dry crackers you can eat in a set time without water – they’ll all raise a smile and what’s more important, cash!

Alternatively set yourself a really wild outdoor record breaking challenge, like seeing how many people can cram into a Mini or a phone box. Or how about seeing how many records you can break in an hour? Once you’ve chosen your challenges make sure you get official judges to the event – along with the local press to highlight your fundraising efforts. 



Everyone loves a superhero, so theme your event around dressing up as your favourite. Superman jumping from a plane (with a parachute of course) or Spiderman abseiling down the side of a tall building will all attract attention, and hopefully sponsorship.

Run an event dressed as the Incredible Hulk or organise a superhero party – complete with themed drinks and food.


Game show themed

Are you a fan of reality TV shows like X Factor, Masterchef or The Voice? Why not use them to get inspiration for your fundraising event. A party based on a show can be great fun and gives everyone the chance to play a reality TV star. Set guests show type challenges with elimination for those who fail to complete the task. Or set up your own judging panel, with yourself as Simon Cowell, and hold your own talent show auditions.