5 Biggest Fundraising Myths

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5 Biggest Fundraising Myths

Never fear - this myth-buster gives you the confidence to succeed in your fundraising by dispelling some of the big myths around raising money for charity.

Never fear - this myth-buster gives you the confidence to succeed in your fundraising by dispelling some of the big myths around raising money for charity.

Fundraising shouldn’t seem daunting, so here we put to bed some of the myths which might stop you from pulling on your running shoes or jumping on your bike – and making a real difference to your chosen charity.


You’ll be on your own

Fundraising can sometimes seem scary at the outset – but it needn’t be. Starting off with a small an idea and preparing to go it alone can be a bit of an intimidating prospect – especially if it is your first fundraising venture.

The truth is anyone can become a great fundraiser – and there are a host of charities able to provide a helping hand.

There is no shortage of advice on staging fundraising events available from experienced staff at any number of well-known charities. This can be found easily online and you could even join a charity team and complete for them in an event!

Recruiting family, friends, work colleagues and even neighbours to help with any aspect of your fundraising – from planning, to execution and promotion – will share the responsibility and lighten the load for you.


You have to raise thousands

Your fundraising event doesn’t have to produce a ‘pot of gold’ at the end. It really doesn’t matter how much you raise! You’re giving your time and effort to raise much-needed money for an important cause and hopefully you’ll have a great time along the way.

Planning is the key to raising as much as possible. Allow plenty of time to look at the various aspects of the challenge that lies before you.

Why not get family, friends and colleagues to pitch in and you’ll be surprised how easily the fundraising event can be organised. Make sure you know if the event costs anything to get off the ground. This will help to ensure that you raise as much as you possibly can.

And whatever the final total – remember there is no such thing as a ‘waste of time’ when rising to a fundraising challenge. There is great value to be gained in ‘public awareness’ about a charity and this will rally new support for future fundraising activities.


Everyone wears fancy dress

Fun and fundraising go together – but that doesn’t mean everyone has to wear fancy dress!

Just take a look around and you will find that there are a host of activities and challenges that can be enjoyed by family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues without having to squeeze into a ballerina’s tutu or a clown’s baggy trousers.

Some fundraisers never think twice about turning their challenge into a colourful spectacle, such as climbing into a giant rabbit costume to run a marathon. If that’s not your thing - don’t worry - it shouldn’t deter you from getting involved.

The truth is it doesn’t matter. Fundraising is all about ‘horses for courses’ and the different things you can do are endless.

The important thing is that you are prepared to give up your time and effort to raise valuable funds for a deserving cause – there are thousands of unbelievable and brilliant ideas for raising money, which mean you can still have a great laugh without the silly costumes.


It’ll be difficult to get sponsorship

We know it can seem frightening to seek sponsorship. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to raise some cash.

Starting to gain sponsorship early – well in advance of your event – is essential, as is seeking help from your network of friends, family and work colleagues.

You could even get the whole community involved by putting a note through your neighbours’ doors telling them who you are and what you’re doing.

Approach local companies for sponsorship and post about your fundraising on your social media. Setting up a Facebook page and getting your friends to share the link is a great way to increase your sponsorship.

If you belong to a club or organisation, get them involved. They could either sponsor you or ‘match’ the funds you raise. And don’t forget to get the local media involved. A photograph and story about your fundraising will help to spread your sponsorship net even further.


You’ll have to keep track of all the money

Don’t worry – we know that keeping track of cash and pledges can be difficult.

A great way to take the stress out of collecting your donations is to sign up for a web donation page. People can find out all about your fundraising project and then easily make a donation online. You can share your page on your social media and send out emails to your contacts to let people know about it.

People can also donate via SMS text and apps on their smart phones. This means you still raise lots for your charity without having to chase people or having lots of loose change rattling around!

Picture credit: Christian Mueller / Shutterstock.com