We all love to improve ourselves and the majority of us strive to become more successful in life. Here we show you 10 ways you can become more successful, improving every aspect of your life one step at a time.

1. Don’t lie in

After a hectic week most of us love to cosy up under the duvet and sleep in late. Yet although many of us think that a lie-in will help prepare our bodies for the busy week ahead, the opposite is in fact true. According to researchers at Rush University sleeping in late actually causes people to have poorer memory and reaction on Monday mornings than if they had not dozed the weekend away. So if you want to be more successful, set the alarm and don’t lounge in bed for too long on your days off.

2. Stick to your league

Although we all fantasise about dating models, sports stars and those beautiful Hollywood A-listers, research suggests that reaching for the higher-end hotties will only lead to unrequited love. The study found that we are attracted to people who share a similar level of beauty to ourselves. So, if you want to be successful in love, stick to people who are in the same league as you.  

3. Keep up with trends

Following fashions and fads may not be beneficial, but following new trends that affect your life and career can help you to be more successful. If you want to keep up-to-date with current affairs make sure you read newspapers regularly, follow key people on Twitter and keep an eye on new policies that are being introduced by politicians.

Being aware of trends and changes in this manner will have a massive impact on all areas of your life, from knowing when is a good time to sell your house to learning about the latest app that might help improve your next workout.

4. Eat more fish

Research has found that eating more fish could make you more intelligent. The findings, which were published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that foods containing high levels of omega-3 could boost people’s ability to perform mental tasks and improve people’s reaction times. Therefore, if you want to be more successful in life eat more oily fish , such as mackerel, trout, tuna and salmon.

5. Set goals

Sadly, simply wanting to be successful isn’t enough to actually make you successful. If you really want to succeed make a plan of what you want, then think of steps and methods that will help you to achieve those goals. Putting in dates when you hope to achieve these goals by will help you to stay focused and keep you motivated when your determination drops.

6. Get more money

As the saying goes, money isn’t everything, yet having some financial power can give you the freedom and security to become more successful in life. If you want to have more money, begin by assessing your cash flow by working out how much money you have coming into your bank account every month, then assess where those incomings go.

When you start analyzing your spending habits you might be surprised how much you spend on unnecessary items , like drinks after work or your mid-afternoon sugar fix. Cut out some of the unnecessary items and after a month of cuts compare the money you have now to what you had last month. You might be surprised by how much you save when you cut out the little things in life.  

7. Find the girl or guy of your dreams

If you measure success in terms of health and longevity then you need to fall in love. Statistics show that the mortality rates for single males aged between 30 and 59 are two and half times higher than their non-single counterparts! Don’t gloat too much though girls. Single women also face a 23 per cent higher mortality rate than those who are married. So, to live longer you need to find The One.

8. Exercise during the week

During the week it can be tempting to skip your workouts and head straight home to catch up on your favourite TV shows. Yet a study undertaken by the researchers at the University of Bristol have found that people who exercise during their working week report feeling happier and less stressed than on those days when they skipped their workout.

9. Go back to school

Thought your school days were over? Think again. If you want to improve your career opportunities book yourself onto a course. Accredited courses are the best to take because they are industry recognized and meet approved standards. Before booking onto a course make sure you shop around for the best prices and if the course is expensive look for providers that offer payment plans so that you don’t have to pay the course fee in one lump sum.

If you are uncertain about what course would help you to get your dream job look at advertisements for jobs you want in order to get an understanding of what employers are looking for.

10. Swap

Having more money can help you to pursue your dreams and be more successful in life. If you want to have more money, swap expensive habits for inexpensive ones. For example, instead of paying an expensive gym membership, invest in some kit and work out in the park or in your garden. Or why not skip the fancy restaurant you had booked for your date tonight and cook up a homemade dinner?

Put it into practice: Why not start a blog to help you keep track of your goals?