5 Fast-Fixes For Common Health Problems

While it's best to visit your doctor if you’re suffering from common health problems, it is possible to reduce some of the symptoms you may be experiencing by following these five quick fixes.

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High on many people’s list of health problems is bloating. It can be caused by a number of things including digestive problems, lactose intolerances, eating and drinking certain things, and can even be triggered by some medications.

A fast fix for this health problem is to include some good bacteria in your diet, either through a probiotic supplement or by eating probiotic yoghurts. Having good bacteria in your body is essential because without it, we are unable to break down foods properly. Also, try to include some high fibre foods such as flax seeds or lentils in your diet to aid digestion.



Affecting 18 per cent of the US population and one in 50 UK adults at some point during their lives, anxiety is another common health problem. Often referred to as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, it can be caused by a number of things including your genetics, a chemical imbalance in the brain and the environment you are in.

Although worrying is a natural reaction, anxiety can become more serious when people worry without any necessary causes or triggers. Aerobic exercise is a good way to reduce anxiety, according to a report from Arizona State University on the influence of exercise on mental health. Breathing techniques are another fast fix you could try to reduce some of the symptoms associated with anxiety.


Hay fever

People mostly suffer from hay fever during the spring and summer months, as trees and other vegetation pollinate during this time but the ailment can affect people of all ages, all year around.

For a quick-fix for this common health problem, plug an air conditioner into your home. Air conditioners can filter up to 99 per cent of the pollen found in the air which will help those who suffer from hay fever. Another simple remedy to ease the symptoms of hay fever is to take a tablespoon of local honey a day. Although research has been unable to pinpoint exactly why honey works so well to relieve symptoms, it is thought that honey desensitises you to the pollen.



Many of us suffer mildly from this ailment as old skin cells on our scalp flake away when they are replaced by new ones, but more serious cases of dandruff can become painful and embarrassing. If you are struggling with a more severe case of dandruff, you should seek help from your doctor.

However, there are some remedies you can try at home to limit the effects of dandruff. Try using antifungal shampoos such as those containing tea tree oil, zinc or coal tar as they have been proven to reduce the symptoms of dandruff. Or alternatively, you could also try treating your hair with apple-cider vinegar, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.



The inability to sleep is a complaint many people suffer from at different stages of their lives. Sleep disorders are complex and if you are really struggling with insomnia then you should pay a visit to your doctor. But if you want to try out a quick-fix solution, then get rid of any social media accounts you have. According to a poll, two-thirds of participants had trouble sleeping after using social media sites.

If you really can’t bring yourself to go without Facebook and Twitter, then put the kettle on instead, as the University of Maryland Medical Centre found that drinking chamomile tea can help you relax.