7 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Some health symptoms are self-inflicted, but others can not always be dismissed as so, and if ignored can lead to bigger health issues. Here are some health symptoms that you ignore at your peril.

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Major toothache

Having sensitive teeth is one thing, but if you teeth are setting you on edge on a frequent basis, then you really shouldn’t ignore it. Painful toothache can indicate signs that your tooth’s nerves are exposed. If picked up early enough, the problem can be solved with a simple filling, whereas if left unchecked you could end up with an infected nerve and be in need of costly root canal treatment. The simple answer is attend your dentist regularly, at least every six months, and seek attention as soon as you notice an obvious problem that can’t just be dismissed as sensitivity.

Frequent bloated stomach

It's not uncommon to have feelings of bloatedness and not just after you’ve overly filled your face. For women, bloating can occur before your period, but if the symptoms occur on an almost daily basis, then it’s worth getting checked out, even just to put your mind at rest. If necessary you may be referred on for further examination, but that is a much better option than just ignoring your symptoms.

Chest pain

It’s far too easy to dismiss chest pain as merely indigestion or heartburn, but how do you know when it is something more serious? The chances are you probably won’t know, but if you have been tucking into something a little more spicy than you normally do then it could well be down to that, but don’t take the risk. If you experience severe pressure on your chest or upper abdominal pain then it could well be the warning signs of a heart attack. If ever in doubt, seek medical attention to be sure.

Excessive body hair

While it’s not uncommon to find a mass of hair growing all over the body of some men, it’s not that common for women and should perhaps be seen as potential sign of an imbalance of hormones or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Typical symptoms include hair sprouting on the face, chest, stomach and around the nipples, so if you find hair in places that it shouldn’t usually be, then get checked out. Symptoms of PCOS can be irregular periods, or in the long-term, infertility.

Unexplained weight loss

While some of you may look at unexpected weight loss as a bonus, it could in fact be a reason to be concerned. If you haven’t been making an effort to shift some weight then weight loss could be a reason to be concerned. Unexplained weight loss could be a sign of illness, diabetes, or even malnourishment. Any weight loss that you can’t pinpoint the reasons for should be checked out by your GP.

Intense and sudden headaches

Headaches can of course be self-inflicted, but sudden crippling headaches that stop you in your tracks could be reason to be concerned and should not be ignored. They could well be one of a number of things including meningitis, burst blood vessels in the brain (aneurysm), or cardiac cephalgia, all things that most definitely need immediate attention. If you have been suffering intense headaches which come out of the blue, then seek medical advice.

Erectile dysfunction

If you are unable to rise to the occasion then don’t just ignore it. Erectile dysfunction, aside from ruining your sex life, can also leave to other conditions such as depression. While many men will commonly ignore symptoms, especially one that they may consider embarrassing, this is one not to ignore.