Not a morning person? Take a look at these seven tips to make your mornings easier and help you feel fabulous first thing.

1. Eat an energy boosting breakfast

If you’re someone who grabs their breakfast on the way out of the door (if you even eat breakfast at all) then chances are it’s not all that nutritionally valuable. Instead of relying on that one cup of coffee to wake you up, allow yourself some time in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast .

Oats, fruit, avocado and egg are all healthy breakfast ideas that will set you up for the day ahead. As oats are a low GI food, they make a great breakfast choice as they release a slow, steady stream of energy throughout the morning and can be combined with fruit, yoghurt and nut butter to provide some variety each day. They are also packed full of B vitamins which help to increase your energy levels and boost your mood.

2. Take part in some morning exercise

Okay so a morning workout might not be everyone’s top priority, but fitting in even 10 minutes of exercise is a great way to kick off your day. Exercise releases endorphins and anandamide in the brain, chemicals which can make you feel good and ready to take on the day ahead.

Find a fun form of exercise that you would do of a morning - something that you will actually want to get out of bed for! It might be dancing to your favourite music, cycling to work or going for a swim, whatever you decide, look at your workout as an enjoyable part of your morning routine.

3. Mix up your morning routine

For many of us, our mornings run like clockwork. Waking up at the same time, eating breakfast, taking a shower and heading out of the door with military precision. It can be easy to slip into a routine that becomes repetitive day after day so revamp your mornings by taking a break from your usual routine.

We’re not saying you need to completely overthrow your morning routine, but making a few changes every once in awhile can help you break your morning rut. Get up a little earlier and drive a different way to work, try a different breakfast or fit in a workout to keep your mornings interesting.

4. Give yourself enough time

How many times have you left the house and rushed to work in the morning, panicking about being late? We all know how this scenario can put you in a bad mood and arriving into work at the last minute is a stressful way to start any day. Avoid this common morning mistake and give yourself enough time to get ready and allow plenty of time for your commute.

Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time so that you can wake up suitably refreshed in the morning, instead of hitting the snooze button. Try getting your lunch, work bag and outfit ready the night before to give yourself more time for a relaxing, stress-free morning.

5. Make your mornings musical

Music is a great mood lifter, and studies have suggested that it can reduce stress levels and improve mental health . As well as this, music can also benefit your physical wellbeing, with research suggesting that it can improve your cardiovascular health and immune system.

Use the advantages of music to brighten up your morning and put together a playlist to listen to when you get ready for work or during your commute to suit your morning mood. Whether you need to motivate yourself, improve your mood or prepare for a big day, listening to your favourite music is sure to help you start the day right.

6. Have a positive attitude

Get your morning off to a positive start instead of beginning your day feeling stressed or anxious about what’s to come. This is sometimes easier said than done with the daily strains of work and life often getting on top of us, but taking a few minutes out of your morning to reflect and think positive thoughts can help you put things into perspective and leave you in a good frame of mind ready to take on the day ahead.

Try writing down your favourite quote and put it somewhere you will see it when you wake up in the morning to inspire and motivate you.

7. Treat yourself

How many of us can say that we treat ourselves in the morning? More often than not, mornings are used to get ready for work and usually consist only of basic things like showering and eating.

But if you got up a little earlier, then you could give yourself time to do some of the things your enjoy, such as making yourself a long breakfast, reading a few chapters of your book, taking a relaxing bath instead of a shower or making time to watch your favourite TV show. Start your day with a positive attitude and make your morning something to look forward to by doing things you enjoy.