Travelling takes up a large proportion of most of our days, with more of us prepared to commute long distances to our place of work. But this need not be wasted time, we have come up with a few ways to make the most of your commute.

1. Set yourself a target

When you’re on your way to work, why not think of something that you want to achieve en route, whether it be work-related or something purely for yourself. This may be the one way of not stressing-out if your journey is held up. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have been able to achieve at least something in that time.

2. Prepare mentally for work

Spend a little time focusing on the day ahead and this will help you adjust yourself to the workplace. Get things straight about what you need to tackle that day, and in what order you are going to approach them.

A little bit of thought to help you slide into this work mode is time well spent, rather than leaving it to the moment you walk through the door — forcing you to head straight for the coffee machine!

3. Recharge your batteries

Although you may not feel fully recharged and ready to tackle the day, there is a lot to be said about thinking positively and putting yourself in the right frame of mind. If your work position requires you to be bold and positive — then think bold and positive, get yourself into that work persona — this will act to both energize you and channel your confidence.

If you travel by bus or train , don’t be tempted to have a snooze on the way in, morning naps have little benefit and have habit of making you feel groggy.

4. Stimulate your brain

Once you have dealt with the work matters in your mind, the remainder of your time is free for you. It is really time to let your mind wander and stimulate parts of the brain that you may not normally use.

If your job requires you to do lots of number crunching, then you could consider doing something more creative, such as jotting down thoughts, drawings or even attempting that novel you have always said you were going to write. Draw inspiration from your surroundings — passing colours and shapes can stimulate parts of the brain that are normally neglected during your work routine. If however, your job requires you to be creative, then do the opposite — try a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.

5. Stimulate the body

If you can, walk or cycle to work — this will act as the perfect wake up as well as getting you to your destination. However, if you are confined to a car, bus or train, how about getting the blood moving by listening to some upbeat music? If you drive, having a good singalong can be uplifting.

Even if you are stuck in traffic, there is always an opportunity to do a bit of stretching.

6. Get some fresh air

If you’ve been stuck in traffic, on a stuffy train or bus for some time, then make sure you get some fresh air — don’t just head straight for work. If possible, consider getting off a stop or two earlier, or even parking your car just that little bit further away.

Of course, you will need to leave home just that bit earlier, but it will be worth it. You will feel more energized, stimulated, and you will have the opportunity to see things each day that you ordinarily wouldn’t have.