Ways To Feel Amazing This Spring

When Spring has finally sprung and the dark days of winter have receded into the distance, don’t make the only difference the fact that you get to go home while it’s still light. Spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy a lifestyle makeover – and really put a spring into your step.

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Look good, feel great

Spring is the perfect time to get into the groove of regular exercise. Setting yourself a routine, whether it’s to go running, swimming or just to the gym, will not only have you bursting with confident in a swimsuit come summer, but have you feeling amazing too.

The new season’s also a great time to transform your look – another way to boost your self-esteem. The shops are going to be full of spring fashions, so why not indulge in a little retail therapy? Think lighter, brighter colours and thinner fabrics as well as starting to get your sandals out for the year.

Eat well and stay hydrated

All through the winter you’ve probably been tucking into comfort food like stews and stodgy puddings and in terms of vegetables, you’ve probably had your fill of potatoes, cabbage and broccoli. Make the switch to crunchy salads using fresh seasonal ingredients, and replace those sponge puddings with a smoothie or two instead. There’s no doubt about it, enjoying a fresher, lighter diet is one of the very best ways to feel healthier and improve your mood - the simple philosophy to follow is “eat right, feel amazing”.

As the weather gets warmer, it’s essential to drink more water too - especially as there are many benefits to staying properly hydrated. For example, it’s good for the skin and can help reduce the feeling of being bloated. Plus, being well hydrated can also affect your mood, so always have a bottle of water handy if you want to carry on that positive feeling.

Relax yourself

If you’re wondering how to feel amazing and refreshed, then a spot of pampering never goes amiss. If you really want to indulge, book a spa session including a facial, a massage and even a pedicure or manicure. You won’t just emerge looking fantastic, you’ll be feeling on top of the world too. Of course, you can also pamper yourself at home - just run a deep hot bath, light some fragranced candles and put your phone on silent for an hour.

Improving your environment is also one of the best ways to feel happy, and a good spring clean is a great first step. Dumping the clutter like all those old magazines, cleaning out your kitchen cabinets and taking old clothes to the local charity shop won’t just free up more space, it will also give you a great sense of catharsis and liberation.

Do more

If you’ve closeted yourself away during the winter months binge-watching box sets, now’s the time to turn off and tune into your social life again. Reconnect with friends and you’ll not only improve how you feel, you’ll be helping them to feel good too. You could also make this the moment that you widen your social circle by taking up a new hobby, or start an evening class in a subject you’ve always been interested in but have never got round to studying.

Spring breaks are the perfect way to enjoy a change of scenery as well as being an invaluable chance to get away and experience something new. Any break is going to help you feel amazing, and the fact that it’s early in the season before the crowds start to arrive is going to make the experience even better.

Make some commitments

If you’re like most people, then all your good intentions from the New Year will be wavering - if they’ve not been totally abandoned already. So this could be the perfect moment to reboot and make some commitments that you’re really going to stick to.

Commit to getting some fresh air every day, maybe by getting off the bus a couple of stops early and walking the rest of the way to work or enjoying a bike ride every Saturday morning. You could also make some more general commitments on the back of the feelings of positivity and rebirth that spring creates. They could be leisure or work-related – for example to be in a new job by July – and there’s no reason why you should stick to having just one. Put them down in writing in a notebook or even on a piece of paper that you stick to the front of the fridge.