With their killer combo of mud, freezing water, and insane obstacles, anyone can see Tough Mudder events aren’t for the faint of heart.

It’s only when you start to delve into the statistics behind Tough Mudder that you realise just how much grit and determination it takes to complete one of these events.

1. 80,000 pounds of ice to fill the Arctic Enema tanks

Over the average Tough Mudder event weekend, a bone-chilling 80,000 pounds (around 36,000kg) of ice will be dumped into the tanks of the Arctic Enema obstacle. This obstacle involves jumping into a dumpster full of ice, before completely submerging yourself to get under a wooden barrier the organisers have mischievously placed in the middle of the tank to test your mettle. You’ll be left with a serious case of brain-freeze and frozen muscles, and you’ll never look at a post-run ice bath the same way again.

2. 37,700 pints of beer

When you’ve just put your body through 12 miles of mud, fire and water, what better way to round off the experience than an ice-cold beer? Forget the sports massages and back patting that follows a marathon. If there's one thing Mudders know how to do, it’s have fun – following every event an average of 37,700 pints of beer are drank, while war-wounds are compared and new friends are made.

3. 1.2 million Mudders and counting

Over 2 million participants have taken on the challenge of Tough Mudder. The event only started in 2010, and such a stratospheric growth is testament to just how life changing entering a Tough Mudder really is. Want to join the illustrious ranks and call yourself a Mudder? Sign up now if you’re tough enough.

4. 10 Tough Mudders to become a full Mudder Legionnaire

There’s a unique breed of people out there who think one Tough Mudder just isn’t enough. ‘Mudder Legionnaires’, as they’re known, are officially the Toughest Mudders out there, and are seen as leaders out on the course. They’re depicted by their various multi-coloured headbands showing how many Tough Mudders they have completed – green for two, blue for three, yellow for four to six, pink for seven to nine and black for the full 10.

5. 4,000+ Tough Mudder tattoos

As soon as you finish Tough Mudder, you join an exclusive club that instantly sets you apart from everyone else. A select few Mudder veterans have decided to display that achievement on their skin forever by getting inked with the Tough Mudder logo as a badge of honour/insanity. 4,000 Mudders have had the tattoo done to date, with each of them getting free entry to their next Tough Mudder event for their trouble.

6. Over $6.5 million raised for charity

It’s not all about getting muddy and having fun – Tough Mudder is a fundraising powerhouse, with over $6.5 million raised for their American charity partner Wounded Warrior Project. The team-based, selfless spirit of Tough Mudder makes it the perfect event to do for a good cause, and the organisers are constantly growing their charity influence around the world. Find out more about how you can enter Tough Mudder for charity here.

7. The ‘Berlin Walls’ are 12-feet high

The Tough Mudder adage that you can’t finish the challenge on your own isn’t just marketing waffle. With one of the toughest obstacles, the Berlin Walls, measuring an intimidating 12-feet high (3.5m), it’s almost impossible to reach the finish without a team to help you over them. If you head to Tough Mudder on your own, don’t worry – when you’re all covered head to toe in mud and freezing water, complete strangers will quickly become your best friends.

8. Will Dean has finished 21 Tough Mudder events

Think the Tough Mudder bigwigs are watching on from their ivory towers while you’re going through hell? Think again. Founder Will Dean already has a hard-earned 21 Tough Mudders to his name, which means he has taken on over 400 obstacles and covered more than 200 miles. Not bad when you’re also managing a global brand with millions of participants.

9. 10,000 volts of electricity

The Electroshock Therapy obstacle is no joke. Its 1,000 dangling electrified wires pack a wince-inducing 10,000 volts, and have stopped many a would-be-Mudder dead in their tracks. There’s no easy way to beat this obstacle, so your best bet is to run head on into the maelstrom of wires and go as fast as you can.

10. 78% finish

Tough Mudder is not for the faint of heart. Nearly 25% of people who take on the challenge don’t make it through to the end. Compare that to the 2-3% average dropout rate over the gruelling 26.2 miles of a marathon, and you’ll quickly see just how much determination it takes to complete a Tough Mudder.