many more miles to who knows where

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many more miles to who knows where

An invaluable part of my training programme for the London marathon in 2013. When I wrote my first post i didn't know where it would lead me and I'm still not sure but I'm enjoying the ride!


2009 Loch Ness 3.48.48

2010 Edinburgh 3.37.31

2013 London 3.34.41

2014 York 3.25.25

2014 York PB 3.17.23

2014 Snowdon 3.40.26

2015 Northumberland trail marathon 4.20.28

2015 Howgills trail marathon 4.47.23

Half Marathon

2014 Brass Monkey , York PB 1.35.20

Parkrun 5k

2013 York PB 19.16


2015 York PB 40.05


sub 44.00 10km - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14

sub 3.25 York Marathon October 2014 - 3.17.23 achieved York marathon 12/10/14


Set by Alaistair 28/5/2014 - sub 42min 10k - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14


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Back from the wilderness

My last post was the 13th December so it's been three weeks since I've written a blog and I've missed it. Work got busier and busier during December and I ran out of time to blog altogether, kept reading though. Finally made it to Christmas and had a gr...

Team RB and Team GB.

A late Friday night recap of an intense but incredible week. Work has maintained a frantic pace, but only 11 days to go until a well earned break. Fantastic to read about and see pictures of the RB St Albans run, we've got to do that again somewhere els...


I've not abandoned the Realbuzz ship , it's been two weeks since I reported though so apologies all round. Like many others ,work for me gets pretty hectic in November and December. The busy family life gets even busier at this time of year too which me...


Like a few others I've found it difficult to keep an intensity and routine for running over the last few weeks. Its been busy at work and busy at home so I've prioritised things a little differently. I know very well from experience that if you want to ...

Happy Birthday Mr Chairman

A little birdie told me that it's Gloshawk Jim's birthday today. I hope he's had a lie in this morning and will celebrate in style with his trademark fine foods and wines. Happy birthday sir!

In and out of love

For the last twelve months I have had a mistress. Lets just call her " Marathon". I have been absolutely and utterly captivated by her. She has teased and tantalised me I have been beguiled and bewitched my her mysterious ways. I gave myself to her comp...

One of us.

Firstly, there's Lorna and The Bandit running in the iconic New York marathon this weekend, very big realbuzz best wishes to you both, savour it, enjoy it and nail it. Secondly , there's one of us who is always one of the first to comment on a blog post...

A plan...

I just wrote a longish blog about training plans and then wiped it out before saving it, annoying! I know that some of you are about to embark on programmes for spring marathons and are searching for a plan to follow, I had said I would share the one th...


It's over a week since the last post so a bit of an update needed. Recovery from the marathon was surprisinglly quick. By Tuesday I felt pretty much back to normal, just a bit stiff in the calves but thats all really. I played football on Thursday eveni...

York Marathon 20/10/13

So here's the race report, the one that I tried to write yesterday but couldn't. Its not a brief one I'm afraid, theres a lot that I want to externalise which is exactly what realbuzz is all about and why it has been so important in advance of this mara...

The quest is over

A very quick post tonight. A house full of family an friends so have sneaked out to report. the job is done, the 3.33.47 set bey Uncle Neil 30 years ago I has finally been broken. My finishing time was 3.25.25. A great event in my home town and hope tha...

2.5 days

Good evening everyone. A final post before marathon day, last run done tonight. A special 2 miles it was too , my daughter who is normally not the least bit interested in going for a run joined me. We did 2 miles together in in a little under 20 minutes...


I'm not talking about the porrage, bananas, flapjacks or energy gels that have been consumed regularly of late. I'm talking about Realbuzz. it was the last proper training run of my schedule yesterday , other than a couple of nerve settlers this week. T...

2 weeks

Morning all, here's my routine monday countdown post to the Yorkshire marathon. Two weeks makes it sound very close now, the nearer it gets the more it takes up in your head, looming up like a mountain. Last week was the final week of hard effort runs a...

Proud parkrun

This morning I took my son Hamish down to the York Parkrun. A beautiful clear, warm and wind free morning, perfect for running and for life in general really. The start was a social affair, met up with a few familiar faces including Viv ( raring to go )...

Every little helps

Some of you may remember that I was a bit slow applying for the York Marathon back in April in the aftermath of London. As a result I missed the places and ended up securing a rare spot through a local charity called SASH who support homeless youths in ...


So the last long run is in the bag and things  ease off a little as we enter the final 20 days before M-day.  last week was good again in terms of training and I'm still thanking my very lucky stars that I've been injury free for the first time during a...


Forgot to add the pictures of Brians boiled cake. Very moist and very delicious! Should be sold in all good running shops.


Hi all. Hope you've all had a good weekend. After my speedy interval seesion last Wednesday I did a tempo run on Friday. The dog needed a walk so I combined the two. She is a whippet cross so she dragged me along to 5.5 miles in 6.49 pace. It wasn't eas...


I'm not posting this short blog so you can blow smoke up my @r$€ , i just wanted to share something . As Glos posted earlier this evening the blogs are buzzing with stories, some good news and some not so. But that's the point of this site I think, it's...

5 weeks

Yes, just 5 weeks to go until the York marathon. it was long run this weekend and I had arranged to train with fellow realbuzz runner Alaistair again. Alaistair is a far more experienced runner than i am and its good to run with someone who not only run...


Ok, so I may have discovered something pretty important this weekend. After some decent training running during the week - mostly short and sweet and built around maintining a quick pace - I was ready for Parkrun No.5. It has been a big ambition to bre...


It sounds a very macho blog title from one of the least macho realbuzzers ( you've all seen the matador photo ) However, this is how im feeling right now. I think the combination of training off the back of one marathon and targetting another straight a...


I'm back again after a great break in Italy. I managed to switch off and relax for a week which isn't always as easy as it sounds! We spent a week just outside Siena, eating and drinking well, exploring, swimming and generally trying to divorce ourselve...