The no name diet!

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The no name diet!

Good morning all, first timer so be gentle with me. 

Having broke my wrist in March 2015 i spent the next 10 months eating myself into a state of obesity fairly quickly. Not been able to exercise and sitting around all day has really taken its toll on my body. Ive decided therefore to join my local gym and try to improve my body and help myself. 

Ive tried dieting previously before but its just not for me, i really struggle following a plan and showing any signs of self discipline. However i do enjoy cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients so i have decided to turn this into something i enjoy rather then a chore. By coming up with different recipes and challenges i am finding myself preparing meal recipes days in advance. I used to spend my days at work snacking on various bits of rubbish brought in by people for bdays etc. Now i am making sure i am full as much as possible on different types of goodness to surpress any desire to undertake the little pieces of devilish food. I received a package of meat yesterday to my door which was immense, using this i have been able to plan meals for the rest of the week, including stuff i can take to work. This i am hoping will help me start to reduce my waistline and feel better in myself. I am noticing the effects of drinking alot more water already (and not just the constant toilet breaks).

Tonight i am prepping my meals for the next two days, chicken, asparagus and brown rice. I will have that for my tea tonight, and potentially my lunch tomorrow if i dont eat it all. To vary it up i will put in a flat bread tomorrow and have it as a wrap. Then i will have a good amount of carbohydrates to hopefully push me through a 3 mile run on the evening before having my very first PT session on Thursday. 

I would love to hear about healthy recipes that people prepare in advance and also good fat burning exercises that you have done in the past and have worked wonders. I am struggling to find one particular exercise i enjoy so top tips would be helpful.  

Fingers crossed for the future 

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